North forest horse

The north forest horse is strong and suitable for agricultural work and transport, but the slightly lighter body makes the breed more popular as a riding horse than as a workhorse. It is a coarser type of horse breed that has been in the northern forests of the empire for hundreds of years. The breed is known for its special light brown to dark brown color with bright lingulan mane and tail. Despite this, the horse has fallen from agriculture but has increased in popularity as a riding horse. The dark brown color with linenyellow man and tail is called "Kohlfuchs". Because of their natural growth in the forest, the horses were used extensively in forestry and the wood industry. The horses also had a natural safety in the hilly and slightly sloping terrain of the farms.  
Northen forrest horse
by Lars Millberg

Basic Information


The horse is small compared to other cold-blooded horses but has a rather strong neck and a large head with a broad forehead and straight or curving nose back. The legs are quite narrow for a workhorse and have quite a little hoof beard.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The species is robust and can feed on simple feed. But when it works hard. Tex by forestry. It requires more energy-rich feed such as oats. otherwise they can survive on a normal meadow without any problems
The forest in the north part of the empire. It is believed that it originates from the now extinct giant forest horse. who should have lived in the great forests of the northern parts of the empire.
Conservation Status
The horse is the most common agricultural horse in the whole empire. In addition, it is the most common horse in forestry. Each independent farmer breeds his own horses and within each county there are cherished stud farms that deliver horses to the imperial army.
Average Height
150-160 cm


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