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Nevaria is a world of contrasts. Magic and technology. Religion, ideology, and science. Rich and poor. Militaristic and passive. These vast differences in culture and wealth have been the cause of intense conflict for generations. The war between to two most powerful nations is about to come to a head, and it threatens to bring the whole world with it.   Llewennia is a land of widespread magic use. Everything from the extraordinary to the mundane is infused with arcane energies. Millennia ago, the ancient kings forged an alliance with the dragons which remains in place to this day, making dragons in urban areas and the wilderness a common sight. Even their public transportation consists of large train-like cars strapped to dragons; this is a common vocation for young dragons wanting to build their hoard. As the largest nation, Llewennia is no stranger to imperialism, yet they see themselves as the moral compass for the world. Others would disagree.   Colwyn is the technological capital of the world. They build machines of brass, steel, and glass, powered by steam and gas. They believe that magic is not only the way of the past but that it is a danger which ought to be eradicated from Nevaria entirely. As such, they are, and always have been, directly opposed to Llewennia. Their lack of easy access to natural resources has dampened their war efforts for centuries; however, that has changed over the last fifty years. After conquering their neighbors, they have ramped up production of strange weapons and vehicles for war and they are nearly ready to make their move.   The world is now on the brink of a war, the likes of which has never been seen before. A war that will decide the ruling law of Nevaria; magic or technology.

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