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The Sea's Leviathan


The legend goes that before the Dark Reckoning (The aftermath of this tale), The Navy had received a message reporting that an entire city was swallowed whole by a gigantic beast that tackled it through the water and engulfed it one gulp. Supreme Admiral Claude Petals was stunned. Reports say that it took the Admiral an entire ten minutes. However, only The Navy has Records of the true events that unfolded afterwards.   Admiral Petals gathered the aid of military forces all over the world; The Marines, The Navy, The Pirates, The World Federation's Honor Guards... Everyone. Reports claim that at least 150 Fleets answered the call upon The Admiral's 30 ship armada as a giant sea storm captured all these ships into whirlpools that tested even the best of sailors wills to fight against. However, there was something that was important to note; most of those on the ships and fleet were in fact Contract Users, including the late Supreme Admiral. "This beast threatens my family and the rest of yours... my wife makes dinner at home and requires more ingredients... I FOUND HER SOME SERPENT TO DESCALE!" He shouted to the heavens as even the thunder's roars could not deafen the shouts of men that pursued after.   The war lasted an entire two days as at the end of their journey, The Sea's Leviathan was defeated and began to crumble. However, with one last might smash of its tail to the water, it sent remaining 70 ships into the skies as the survivors commented they heard a bell toll and the creature began to brittle away into a lime mist. Upon its defeat, the screams of men began to fill the water... The heroes of the day began flailing in the waters like helpless children. During the panic, a few realize they were sane and began to drag them to what little survivors and what little debris remained of ships. If that was not terrible enough, the dismissing of the creature brought sharks and other dangerous predators to the waters and began to fight the sailors. A grand total of 412 Survivors were recorded... Supreme Admiral Claude Petals was no one of those survivors. It was later discovered that all the Contract Users were the only ones unable to swim after a nurse reported one of the all-time best swimmers in The Navy plunged into the pools for rehabilitation and began to flail and simply sink to the bottom of the pool despite it only being five feet deep. Along with this information, The World Federation discovered that over the two days of battling, land across Nermoni suddenly began to be engulfed underwater. The mass hysteria began to plunge Nermoni into chaos and within this chaos, the Pirates began to seize the day and pillage high nobility, seeing how stretch thin The Navy was. This event marked in history was known as The Dark Reckoning.   After The Navy and the newfound World Government gained control of what land was obtainable after the great flood (Records were established with a new date during the creation of The World Government to a new era known as After Flooding) there was stability in the world of Nermoni, once again.

Historical Basis

The entirety of the myth is true. The Sea's Leviathan plunged out of the waters and began to massacre everything nearby during its wake. This would mark an entire new era known as After Flooding (AF). Due to its defeat, eighty percent of the entire world of Nermoni was casted into a huge flood. The Dark Reckoning that unfolded was fleets upon fleets of Pirates pillaging and ransacking all known preserved places of land, hence The Navy's large distaste for Pirates.


It is common knowledge to the general public, at least the general story that has been passed down through generations. However, with any good tale from the past, the word of mouth can only go so far down through families before it gets skewered.

Cultural Reception

Many cultures have moved on after the event. However, the more primal areas of Nermoni pay tribute to the beast in hopes that it will not return. Parents will use The Sea's Leviathan as a method to get them to sleep as, "If you do not sleep right now, it will awaken The Sea's Leviathan." It normally works rather well.

In Art

The depiction of The Sea's Leviathan is considered an enigma, due to those that lived to its defeat had all perished by now. However, much like the literature, they base it off on Leviathans that exist in the world.
Date of Setting
121 BF

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