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Crewforte Lawhouse

The main center of lawmaking and upholding in Crewforte.

Purpose / Function

While the public purpose of the Lawhouse is to house local trials and imprison petty criminals, many believe it to be a front for Goran hunters to observe the town and remove or execute any they find. The Mayor and the Lawmaster of Crewforte both reside in this building for most of the day, usually filing paperwork and dealing with local disturbances and calls, but the Lawhouse also contains cells to hold petty convicted criminals and a hall for local trials.    The building, however, is not made to hold more serious criminals, and any large-scale crime will see those involved transported to the city to be dealt with by the higher lawmakers.


The Crewforte Lawhouse was originally built as a simple stone hut where the Goran headmaster of the School of Magi resided. When the Empire expanded the building was abandoned and left to ruin, until the new Garrison there rebuilt the hut for their Lawmaster, making it much larger and transforming it into the imposing building it is today.


The Lawhouse is a large stone building with darkened one-way windows that can only be seen through from the inside. The wooden double-doors at the front of the building are adorned with the crest of the Empire and the Querian flag flies above it. The building is otherwise featureless, however, with little more than a path leading to steps into the building and a simple tile roof.


Crewforte Lawhouse was built circa 608 of the New Era, three years after the Empire issued an anti-Goran mandate. The town was previously governed by the School of Magi there and the Goran who founded it, but Empire presence increased and quickly became the primary force of justice in the town, having heard that the Goran presence there was heavy.   Since then the building is quiet, only truly visited by those who work inside and locals wishing to report local sightings (usually of alleged Goran).
Founding Date
circa 608 N.A.
Parent Location

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