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Northern Plains

A northern region of Nerasia

The Northern Plains is a fertile, flat region fed by two major rivers from the Casanian and Majria Mountain ranges, both of which spill into a great lake, which in turn feeds a river that empties into the northern sea. Many city-states have been founded along the shores of these bodies of water, and a prosperous trade network, made possible with sailboats, connects them all.   The plains are subject to intense storms in the summer months, including tornadoes, which many people fear as a terrible god or divine force. Housing structures are made with clay, due to its abundance, but much of a given building will be carved into the earth, with entire rooms set underground. It is in these rooms that people take shelter when vengeful storms strike.   Lakeside cities heavily rely on fishing. In the broad grasslands beyond the shores of the rivers and lake, farmers water their fields with sophisticated irrigation, and shepherds lead their flocks to graze.

Natural Resources

Clay, livestock, freshwater and saltwater fish

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Cover image: by Waqas Akhtar


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