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Heshinia of Marosapti

Heshinia was a Marosaptish ambassador known for his philosophical work, On Kings.
Heshinia was born in the city-state of Marosapti in 2612 EA to wealthy parents. At age 20, he became an ambassador for his city, and began his travels throughout parts of Mashendia, Arroth, and more extensively, the kingdoms of the northeast.   Troubled by the erosion of patriarchal values in his own culture, and inspired by the monarchies he observed in his travels, he began to write down his arguments for the ideal form of civilization. His completed work, On Kings, began to be disseminated in 2640 EA, though it would later be eclipsed by its response, On Cities.   At 26, Heshinia married a woman named Erasi. He died at 45 from a fever, and was survived by two sons and a daughter.
2612 IA 2657 IA 45 years old

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