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The War of the Dragon

Preluding the Northern Uprisings, with the advent of the Calaran Empire under the Solarite, the Principality of Mortam was faced with a wave of nationalists who contested the theocratic government on the basis of improving the lives of Mortam citizens not the constant fluxes in immigrant arrivals. The nationalist movement was led by the Dragon, a lesser member of the royal family and a popular statesman in Talsi, who gathered support from the human populace and would stage marches against immigrants. After a year of protests, a small series of political murders gave the movement enough instability to stage a coup on the government.

The Conflict


The assassinations of three of the six theocratic councilmen and the founding of the Dragon's nationalist movement.


The City of Talsi, largely fought on the higher levels between the upper class nationalists and the immigrant leaders with royalist supporters.

The Engagement

Street warfare between the two factions.


The nationalists won a Pyrrhic victory against the royalist-backed immigrant forces, losing half of their numbers and a vast majority of their leadership during the conflict and their support waned after their actions were revealed to the public. They were able to assert themselves as the ruling faction over Talsi and enacted anti-immigrant policies during the two years they were in power. The Dragon eventually handed power back to the government in return for immunity and faded into obscurity.


A dark spot in Mortam's history that caused many immigrants to leave Talsi for Oriavan, forming the backbone for a majority of the non-human populace in Oriavan to this day.

Historical Significance


Widely regarded as the darkest moment in Mortam's history and the one point where people felt unwelcome to the free agnostic nation. The Dragon became demonized by the people of Mortam after his death and is regarded as a terrorist and a traitor by historians.

Conflict Result
The Dragon won a Pyrrhic victory


The Dragon's Nationalists
The Immigrant Defense Force


370 Talsi Human Nationalists.
265 Human/Non-Human Immigrants   50 "Rogue" Philosopher Knights


291 Talsi Human Nationalists were slain or injured.
187 Non-Human Immigrants were slain or injured.   32 Human Immigrants were injured   6 "Rogue" Philosopher Knights were slain or injured, the remaining knights became MIA


To take control of Talsi from the theocratic government.   Deport Talsi's immigrant population.
To defend the immigrant population from Nationalist attacks.

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