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The Keeper of Words

The Curator of the Divine Archives, he holds the knowledge of worlds and kingdoms come and gone, of lives born and died and everything in between, Sulvus is the Patron God of the Past, Present and the Future.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Forge, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A silver quill on golden parchment / A golden hare leaping over a green hill

Tenets of Faith

Create a legacy for the future. Life is too short for most to spend it ambling aimlessly, produce something that can be looked upon by future generations to inspire them.   Crave knowledge. Knowledge is the true path to greatness as it can illuminate new truths and open doorways that would have otherwise been closed.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To collate all knowledge in the multiverse, from the mundane, the interesting and the forbidden.

Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral
The Celestial Plane
Aligned Organization
The Southern Pantheon

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