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Neon Gods The future burns bright when the world is aflame

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It's the year 2051. The world runs on computer intelligence; from phones to cars to the lights in your house. In this new, automated age, Japan has emerged as the world's technological forerunner. A country once renowned for its mechanical innovation finds itself perched on the brink of true cyber dominance, and seemingly nothing will stop it from the final plunge. It's a fast-paced time, even for mortals. But you're not a mortal. Not anymore.   Enter a wild, chromatic age found squarely between the past and the future. You are a Changeling of Chiyoda. At some point you were taken by a yōkai, and it forced you to become something that you weren't. The experience changed you-- damaged you, even-- and once you escaped you found that that reality had its own dangers as well.   The freehold of Chiyoda City is divided between tradition and the technological march forward. War threatens whatever future the people choose. And while the debate rages on, the changelings aren't the only supernatural forces to have adapted to this new era...

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