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Neon Genesis

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You'd think that in 2121, the world would be a virtual utopia with everyone happy and prosperous. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the world has fallen into a socioeconomic shitstorm. Everyone could see it coming since the first quarter of the 21st century, but all of the signs were ignored.

The first casualty was the economy. Despite all of its previous historical failures, the popularity of socialism was on the rise and with it came hundreds of socioeconomic programs, promoted by catch phrases, such as equity and stability. No one even thought about how much these programs would cost. People don't generally have a lot of foresight or the intellectual integrity to question what equally ignorant people tell them.

Soon, the amount of money that was being spent was greater than the amount being raised. None of the politicians were willing to sacrifice votes by even suggesting a decrease in social spending, so the only solution was to increase taxes. The majority of those increased taxes targeted private industry and the world's the most wealthy individuals. The general perception was that these entities had far too much money and that such money could be put to better use in the hands of the average citizen. It's hard to argue against that idea, until you're on this end of things.

Increased taxes equaled a decrease in profit, the very thing that private businesses are created to generate. To offset the additional expense, corporations raised their prices. An increase in the cost of their products and services lead to a second round of price hikes for the businesses that relied on them. Inflation rapidly spiraled out of control.

The cost of living went up, and people wanted higher pay, but their employers had no more money to raise the average income of their employees. Furthermore, a large part of the private sector had to begin laying off millions of employees world wide. They couldn't maintain even minimal profit margins without drastic decreases in operational costs. Unemployment hit an all time high, and the social programs put into place to help them were under funded as it was.

The depression that followed made the Great Depression of the mid-20th century look like a mild recession, and the middle class ceased to exist. It was all or nothing.

Social decline, especially in the United States, was every bit as bad as the economic crash. Thousands of movements formed to combat social inequality for whatever group that the activists could lump a person into. Their attempts to promote inclusivity only served to drive wedges between an ever increasing number of social groups. Before long, everyone was blaming everyone else for even the slightest perceived offense, or as the term was, micro aggressions.

Before long, there were campaigns to invent socially acceptable means of communication so that no one would feel excluded from a conversation. It was censorship at its most sinister, and completely destroyed any attempt at honest communication between one another. The issues that people felt strongly about could never be resolved because of their own ignorance.

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