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Tsumri Tattoos

The Tsumri, the ethnicity which includes most of the people of Tsumoenia and Ogri, are often considered by outsiders to be savage and primitive, and while Ogri has few formal governments in its sparsely populated foothills and Tsumoenia is controlled by local warlords, they have a rich culture full of traditions. The most notable are their magical tattoos


The Tsumri claim that one of their folk heroes, a great warrior and craftsman by the name of Simo, was given the first of these tattoos by a mysterious spirit while on a journey for his people. Without the spirit's knowledge, he watched the spirit's method and returned home to teach it to others. Some of these tales also hold that the true power of the tattoos, and the one originally given to Simo, have yet to be recreated by the Tsumri.

Scholars treat this legend with suspicion, and many believe that the real Simo may have been a traveler who learned the art of arcane sigils in another land and merely applied it in a new way.


When the recipient is ready to be tattooed, they will go to the tattoo artist's home, sometimes accompanied by family. The process of applying the tattoo takes several sessions over the course of roughly one week. The last session will be held outside the tattoo artist's home, with the community watching. After the last ink is added, the recipient, leader, and tattoo artist will bow, acknowledging each other as equals.

Components and tools

The combinations of rare herbs and other materials needed to properly create Tsumri tattoos are not kept in constant supply by the community. After the leader allows a member to receive the tattoos, they must gather the necessary ingredients themselves, which often involves more fierce battles.

The tattoo needles used during the ceremony are passed down by the tattoo artist to their successor.


Tsumri tattoos are given to specific members of a community as a reward for acts of valor. The community's leader, usually tattooed themselves, will decide when a warrior has earned the tattoo, which they may accept or decline. The tattoo artist is an important role, passed down in the community through apprenticeships.


Each tattoo has special significance, and will be given in response to different accomplishments. These tattoos are found in Pathfinder Grand Bazaar and Pathfinder Secrets of Magic.

The mark of arctic vigor provides protection from the cold. It is given to those who survive harsh treks into the north to slay a beast or accomplish some task.

The crown of insight grants awareness of one's surroundings, revealing creatures that should be hidden. It is given to hunters who manage to catch an evasive and obscure quarry, especially one with value to the community.

The mark of enveloping light grants the ability to heal one's wounds at will. It is given to warriors who achieve victory in exchange for a wound that brings them to the brink of death, but survive.

The warding tattoo can turn away harm. It is given to those who save their community from a great danger or calamity.


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