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20th Day of Pthinos, 1500 NA

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The Cosmic War ended, humanity won a pyrrhic victory against the dark Elder God Inanis. The Elder God was weakened by the detonation of thousands of nuclear weapons, which in turn devastated the entire world. Such a disaster and hollow victory would be named the Great Blast. The subdued god was imprisoned on a distant planet, at the very edge of the universe. Seals were made to keep Inanis from escaping, and the very space around the planet became a guarded station known as the Vault.   Earth went though numerous changes throughout the ages, continents shifted and nations rose and fell. Magic was considered to be an ever-present force in the world and it wasn't leaving as far as anyone could tell. Despite what people thought, magic weakened just as Inanis had. Magic had almost regressed to that of the world before. This waning of magic soon returned to growth when there was a disturbance in the air. Oracles said the first seal has been broken.   Each broken seal, both magic was returning to its full power. All seven seals have been broken, and oracles scream of Inanis returning to exact his vengeance, but thousands of years prepared the mortals for the coming Second Cosmic War. The new world of Neomne has kept some parallels to Old Earth, but Neomne has taken an identity of its own. Some lore from Old Earth has been lost forever, but fragments are found from the ruins of the Great Blast. Now the world wonders when the Elder God will strike.

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