Neo Tokyo - The Veil


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Japan is a corpostate, a single megacity now sprawls across the whole of Honshu and off into the sea, there is a nominal diet and a president elected by the people but their role is mostly cosmetic along with that of the Eternal Empress Sakura who has ruled for two centuries. Society is stratified, the corporate elite stands tall while most live in civil servitude to the megacorporations then there is the Yakuza which runs the organised crime throughout the combine. Compared to most societies the New Japanese Combine is peaceful people have little fear of street crime, cyber technology is sleek, cool and potent, biotech is commonplace, the air isn't toxic and the night isn't deadly, most of the time.   The Sanctury provides overwatch of civil society, enforcing the societal obligations that hold the fabric of the nation together. Their rules are simple abide by your obligations to one another, to kin, to society and to the nation, failure to follow your obligations results in punishment from simple repentance to expulsion from the Combine. As an organisation, they are coated in mystery as their roots run deep through society a mix of ancestor worship, tech worship, zen Buddhism, Shinto and Taoism there are rumours that they were created by the Eternal Empress and other that it was a techno cult managed by AI.   Corporate and political corruption is rampant, illegal immigration commonplace and industrial espionage is a mainstay of everyday life. The streets are patrolled by a dedicated but small police service, the real power is in the corporate security forces.   There are deep international tensions with the RusFed, the Sino Empire and AusBlock the continue the tensions of the War to End Nations and the Great Collapse of previous centuries. Good relations are maintained with PacAm and the Unified Military Collective of Albion.   The Eternal Empress maintains silence on the state of the world simply attending functions as instructed she has however seen much of history and her visage belays her deep wisdom.


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