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Hello. If you're seeing this, that means that you don't have an account and/or you're not following Nemere. Please take a look at my Stories Folder to get an idea of the kind of background material you might be reading about.

There are hundreds of articles detailing every possible aspect of Nemere with updates posted almost daily, and on some days I'll post multiple articles. I'm currently working on making a Patreon page, which will grant patrons access to even more secret, behind the scenes information.

I also do all my own illustrations, as seen over there to the side.

Writing (and especially world building) is a lonely affair, and every bit of support I can get is highly appreciated and immensely motivating toward my ultimate goal of making a living as a published author.

Thank you for visiting, and safe travels.

Left for Dead in Lake Springfield by Joseph Knight
Black Sun Swordsman by Joseph Knight
Jathyr by Joseph Knight
Widow Lotus Concept by Joseph Knight


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