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Nemere is a completely original fantasy world that has been described by some of my friends as Game of Thrones if it were written by Stephen King. Very flattering, but if true, then where's my money? It's got a nice mix of exotic creatures and a type of local physics that we in this dimension might regard as magical (if you don't already find our own physics magical, that is). Anyway, it's the product of near-daily entries going back to 2015 and is inspired by something that I would like to read, but that doesn't currently exist. Or if it does, I simply haven't found it yet. The purpose of this page is for me to consolidate my notes since I've been spending more and more time looking for things than actually writing. On more than one occasion I've created the same thing twice, and I'd like to stop doing that, ha! So far I've written about five books in this world and I plan to keep going until something satisfies my masachistic standards enough to go through with publication. Updates will be provided weekly, so I hope you enjoy discovering this world a bit at a time.

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