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Nemed, Monarchy of the Singing Stone

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The land of Nemed was built on the ideals of Chivalry and Piety, and held upon the shoulders of 9 Houses. It is a land of knights and dragons, where magic is real and mysterious. In Nemed, Blood only has so much say on who will Rule. Each Ruler is decided by a divine relic, the Singing Stone, who grants a Ballad and a Holy Weapon upon them to usher in their reign. To support them are the 9 Great Houses, whom have sworn to serve the Crown.   Nemed is an alternate setting for Legend of the Five Rings 4e. It is inspired by concepts of chivalry, tales of fantasy, and Arthurian Legend. Within promise tales of idealized knights, Romance between lovers and comrades, and politics both inspiring and insidious. Play is split between daring, dangerous combat and equally daring, dangerous courtly intrigue.

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