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The hidden species of magical people.

A hidden species among the dominant species of the world of neddih anima. They're stronger than the Trivialis species, but less numerous.   The species of Occultai was almost murdered out a hundred years ago, because the Trivials became scared of them, even though the Occultai are a peaceful species. Because of this, the survivors started hiding as if they were Trivials themselves.

Basic Information


Occulai are humanoid creatures whose only difference to trivials are glow-in-the-dark eyes, and bigger canines. features easy to hide. Next to this there is a moving and continuously growing tattoo over their hearts which seems to be sentient.   Their insides are also slightly different. their hearts glow and they have a few extra organs.   An aqua loquitur. An sack attached to their lungs allowing them to breathe underwater by filtering water from their lungs and disposing it in their bladder. This does not count as drinking though. (the everyday term for this organ is the water-breather)   a cor magicae. the place where an Ocultai stores their magic. they also call it a magic core. every core is specialized for a specific element.     an interfectorem morbus. an organ that stores diseases inside itself, so it doesn't bother the host. Inside the organ there are several quickly adapting antibodies that will eradicate the disease as soon as possible and destroys infected or malfunctioning cells, and then disposes the dead diseases and cells in the bladder to dispose of it. (the everyday term for this organ is the disease centre)

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most Ocultai are vegans! They especially enjoy fruits and don't enjoy the taste of meat. next to this around half of the species can't digest meat.   of course there are outliers to this.   An average adult Occultai needs to eat 40 ounces of food a day, and drink 4 liters water a day. Children only need half of this.

Additional Information

Social Structure

it's a three step pyramid of social structure, on top is the head of the church who is the most powerful Occultus, his family has the same status. Next are the five prominent families: Ignus, Aether, Unda, Caeli, Terra. On the bottom of the pyramid are the normal Occultus while they are not very powerful they are still seen as equals.

Average Intelligence

in the past they were a very intellegent species, that's how they were able to hide. But in the current time they have small social shortcomings, they trust people way too fast which leads to some unfortunate events

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

A parastic species exists which is called a 'leech', this parasite eats away at the Occultus their magic, this can lead to death. A leech can be removed with a certain spice called 'flame spice'

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The church of Umbra is the biggest organization that is known to the Occultai, and the Occultai only. It was set up for the protection and hiding of the species. They call everyone to them on nights of full moon, blood moon, solar, and lunar eclipses. These meetings is where singles came to meet partners and where others came to let loose their magic.   This church is also what officiates marriages, and, only recently, helps expose Trivials to the community.
Scientific Name
capabilis magicae
around 200 years
Conservation Status
While they were being murdered out a thousand years ago, their species is triving once more after hiding themselves, and only marrying their own species. They do this by visiting their church on new moon to meet others. they also do this on days of a solar or lunar eclipse. These churches are basically cults, but without the negative sides. Only recently there have been trivials allowed into the churches, and only when they have a romantic relationship with an Occulai. From these unions Anima are born.
Average Height
1,8-2,6 meters
Average Weight
82-150 kilograms
Average Length
1,8-2,6 meters
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
they have an orange undertone to their skin and most are pale, in the past there were dark skinned Occultus, they wre a common species but they were almost all killed. One of the only ones left is the head priest of the church of Umbra who's permanent residence is the church. All of the Occultus have a marking over their heart which grows and seems to be sentient
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