The New Light

On the planet Hue they celebrate the upcoming year. It all starts on the first day of the new year, at first light. Everybody goes and takes in the first sunrise of the new year. As They are the rejoicing and bathing in the glow of the new sun. They set a goal and figure out how to light their path to achieving it. Then they share their ideas was anyone and everyone they are with. This is all done within the first hour of the first light. The rest of the day they try to gift each other with something to improve or to help the person. In the evening it's time for a party. — #WorldEmberGift


As their legend has it there were these two tribes. On one side you have Faydra tribe and the other Chamomile tribe. These two tribes had been at constant war with each other. They were going at it for so long that neither side could even remember why They said themselves on this warpath. Laydia the 4th leader of Faydra was tired of the war and killing of people. On one of her late nights as she tries to find a path to peace. She only stop for a second when the first light of the new year appeared in the sky. As she look she was given a vision of how to save both tries and stop this War.

So she set off with several different gifts, a basket, and a blanket. Head right to the spot in her vision and made a picnic. The spot was a few hours trip on horseback, between the two territories. It was also a secluded area with a Hot spring and lovely greenery all around. As she was putting the final touches on it. Kald the current leader of the Chamomile. He and his guard immediately got into a defensive position. She just sat down on the blanket and invited him to lunch. Realize it was just her and no one else. He sat and they talked about the war and Laydia asked him does he wants to stop the fighting. Find out that he would love to but it's basically become a tradition. Well, she told him she has gifts for him to take and use to help his people. Bulls get their people to stop fighting and come together. She then proposes a political marriage to each other. That way they could just combine their two tribes and make a new one.

They design a plan to get everything done in less than a year's time. When it was half a year as it was time for a wedding and the coming of the two tribes. They change the tribe to Litway. Litway later became one of the great Nations of this world.

At the beginning of the new year Laydia started a new tradition. That everyone would take 5 minutes to see the new light in this world to find hope or a new path to take. She also wants everyone to give something to help them. Just like she did in that faithful year. This is how the new light tradition what started.


So it starts with finding a nice place outside before sunrise with the people you would like to enjoy the sunrise with. During the sunrise, you will let the light bathed right over you. you will feel its brightness and warmth, as the beginning of the new year starts. As this is happening you will have some kinda goal you want to achieve in the coming year. Tradition says you're only allowed just have one, so make it a big one. For the first 5 to 10 minutes you just sit there relaxing and contemplating thinking about that goal you want to achieve it. Stand for the next short while. While you're out there most people stay out for about an hour you will talk with everyone about their goal that you're with and offer advice or help for them to achieve it.

The next thing you're done you on this holiday day is to go out and give people who you think needed a gift. Now, these gifts don't have to be a physical items. The idea is to get something that will help them in their life in the upcoming year. Now, this could be where to comfort a new job an item that will help them in their everyday life or job. it just needs to be something that will give them another chance to make the next coming year better for themselves. Well, that is the general idea of what gift-giving is now you still can't just give gifts to people if you like.

To finish up this wonderful day is a great feast. depending on where you live it could be family and friends the whole community. It just depends on where you are and who you are with, but there should always be great food and great company and you enjoy yourself because the oncoming year is goanna be great and hard working.


It has become a worldwide event reaching a good set of their colonies celebrated. It is the only holiday that most Chromatic celebrate. So everyone is an important part of this holiday tradition

Agents if you are partnered up or meet a Chromatic that celebrates this holiday. If they're on your crew please find time to find a sun or star for them to view on the day of the planet Hue New Year. Also, agents if any of them are off of your gift or something we highly advise you to take it. Especially if you don't want to hurt their feelings or insult them. Evidently, they have found you someone close to them or someone they want to help. So it's in your best interest to do this. Keeping up friendly relationships with people is all part of the job.


This happens no matter where in the universe on the first day on the planet Hue. That way everyone stat their new path together.


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