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M a t e r i a l s

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Abelsonite Abenakiite-(Ce) Abernathyite Abhurite Abramovite Abswurmbachite Acanthite Achavalite Actinolite Acuminite Adamite Adamsite-(Y) Adelite Admontite Aegirine Aenigmatite Aerinite Aerugite Aeschynite-(Ce) Aeschynite-(Nd) Aeschynite-(Y) Afghanite Afwillite Agardite Agrellite Agrinierite Aguilarite Aheylite Ahlfeldite Aikinite Ajoite Akaganéite Akatoreite Akdalaite Åkermanite Akhtenskite Akimotoite Akrochordite Aksaite Aktashite Alabandite Alacránite Alamosite Alarsite Albite Albrechtschraufite Aldermanite Aleksite Alforsite Algodonite Aliettite Allabogdanite Allactite Allanite Allanpringite Allargentum Alleghanyite Alloclasite Allophane Alluaivite Alluaudite Almandine Almarudite Alsakharovite-Zn Alstonite Altaite Althausite Althupite Altisite Alum-(K) Aluminite Aluminium Alunite Alunogen Amakinite Amarantite Amblygonite Ameghinite Amesite Amicite Amphibole (mineral group) Analcime (analcite) Anandite Anapaite Anatase Ancylite (mineral group) Andalusite Andersonite Andesine Andorite (IV/VI) Andradite Andyrobertsite Anglesite Anhydrite Ankerite Annabergite Annite Anorthite Anorthoclase Antarcticite Anthonyite Anthophyllite Antigorite Antimony Antitaenite Antlerite Apachite Apatite (mineral group) Aphthitalite Apophyllite Aragonite Arcanite Archerite Arctite Arcubisite Ardaite Arfvedsonite Argentite Argutite Argyrodite Armalcolite Arsenic Arseniosiderite Arsenoclasite Arsenolite Arsenopyrite Arthurite Artinite Artroeite Ashburtonite Ashoverite Asisite Astrophyllite Atacamite Athabascaite Atheneite Aubertite Augelite Augite Aurichalcite Auricupride Aurostibite Austinite Autunite Avicennite Avogadrite Awaruite Axinite (mineral group) Azurite Varieties that are not valid species: Adamantine spar (variety of corundum) Agate (variety of quartz) Alabaster (variety of gypsum) Alexandrite (variety of chrysoberyl) Allingite (synonym of amber) Alum Amazonite (variety of microcline) Amber (fossilized resin) Amethyst (purple variety of quartz) Ametrine (variety of quartz) Ammolite (organic; also a gemstone) Amosite (asbestiform grunerite) Antozonite (variety of fluorite) Anyolite (metamorphic rock - zoisite, ruby, and hornblende) Aquamarine (light blue variety of beryl) Argentite (high temperature form of acanthite) Asbestos (fibrous serpentine- or amphibole minerals) Auerlite (variety of thorite) Avalite (chromian variety of illite) Aventurine (variety of quartz) B[edit]   Baryte (included by malachite) on malachite, from Shangulowé Mine, Kambove, Central area, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo   Spiky calcite scalenohedra with a coating of whitish benstonite on a layer of teal-colored fluorite   Thin tabular biotite cluster   Brookite from Kharan, Balochistan, Pakistan Babefphite Babingtonite Baddeleyite Bakerite Balangeroite Banalsite Baotite Bararite Barrerite Barstowite Baryte (barite) Barytocalcite Bassanite Bastnäsite (mineral group) Baumhauerite Bayldonite Bayleyite Bazzite Becquerelite Benitoite Benstonite Bentorite Beraunite Berborite Bergenite Berlinite Berryite Berthierite Bertrandite Beryl Beryllonite Beudantite Bicchulite Biehlite Bílinite Billietite Billwiseite Biotite Birnessite Bischofite Bismite Bismuth Bismuthinite Bismutite Bityite Bixbyite Blödite Blossite Bobfergusonite Boehmite Boleite Boltwoodite Bonaccordite Boracite Borax Bornite Botallackite Botryogen Boulangerite Bournonite Boussingaultite Bowieite Braggite Brassite Braunite Brazilianite Breithauptite Brewsterite (series of zeolites) Brezinaite Brianite Brianyoungite Briartite Bridgmanite Brochantite Brockite Bromargyrite Bromellite Bronzite Brookite Brownleeite Brownmillerite Brucite Brushite Buddingtonite Bukovite Bukovskyite Bultfonteinite Bunsenite Bustamite Bystrite Varieties that are not valid species: Barbertonite (polytype of stichtite) Bauxite (aluminium ore) Beckerite (natural resin) Bentonite (mixture of montmorillonite and other clays) Bixbite (red gem variety of beryl) Bowenite (variety of antigorite) Brammallite (variety of illite) Brokenhillite Buergerite (renamed to fluor-buergerite) Bursaite Bytownite (variety of anorthite) C[edit]   Radiating spray of colorless wheatsheaf calcite crystals on matrix, from Iraí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil   Rhombohedrons of calcite that appear almost as books of petals, piled up 3-dimensionally on the matrix, from Eastern Europe   Sky blue, prismatic crystals of celestine from Majunga, Madagascar   Pocket cavity of small chrysocolla stalactites from Ray Mine, Scott Mountain area, Mineral Creek District, Arizona, USA   Cinnabar on dolomite Cabalzarite Cabriite Cacoxenite Cadmium Cadmoindite Cadmoselite Cadwaladerite Cafarsite Cafetite Cahnite Calaverite Calciborite Calcite Calderite Caledonite Calumetite Campigliaite Canavesite Cancrinite Canfieldite Carletonite Carlosruizite Carlsbergite Carminite Carnallite Carnotite Carobbiite Carpathite Carpholite Carrollite Caryopilite Cassiterite Cattierite Cavansite Celadonite Celestine Celsian Cerite Cerium Cerussite Cervandonite-(Ce) Cervantite Cesanite Cesbronite Chabazite (series of zeolites) Chaidamuite Chalcanthite Chalcocite Chalconatronite Chalcophyllite Chalcopyrite Challacolloite Chambersite Chamosite Changbaiite Chaoite Chapmanite Charlesite Charoite Chatkalite Chesterite Chibaite Childrenite Chlorargyrite Chlorite (mineral group) Chloritoid Chlormayenite Chlorocalcite Chloroxiphite Chondrodite Chrisstanleyite Christite Chromite Chromium Chrysoberyl Chrysocolla Chrysotile Chvaleticeite Cinnabar Clarkeite Claudetite Clausthalite Clearcreekite Cleusonite Clinoclase Clinohedrite Clinohumite Clinoptilolite Clinozoisite Clintonite Cobaltite Coccinite Coconinoite Coesite Coffinite Cohenite Colemanite Colimaite Collinsite Coloradoite Columbite (mineral group) Combeite Conichalcite Connellite Cooperite Copiapite Copper Corderoite Cordierite Corkite Cornubite Cornwallite Corundum Cotunnite Covellite Coyoteite Creedite Cristobalite Crocoite Cronstedtite Crookesite Crossite Cryolite Cryptomelane Cubanite Cummingtonite Cupalite Cuprite Cuprosklodowskite Cuprospinel Curite Cuspidine Cyanotrichite Cylindrite Cymrite Cyrilovite Varieties that are not valid species: Campylite (variety of mimetite) Carnelian (variety of quartz) Cementite (synthetic cohenite) Ceylonite (variety of spinel) Chalcedony (cryptocrystalline variety of quartz) Chiastolite (variety of andalusite) Chlorastrolite (variety of pumpellyite-(Mg)) Chrysoprase (green nickel bearing chalcedony) Chrysotile (group name - asbestiform serpentine) Citrine (yellow variety of quartz) Cleveite (variety of uraninite) Clinochrysotile (polytype of chrysotile) Coltan (short for minerals of the columbite group) Crocidolite (asbestiform riebeckite) Cymophane (variety of chrysoberyl) D[edit]   The slightly misshapen octahedral shape of this rough diamond crystal in matrix is typical of the mineral Danalite Danburite Datolite Daubréeite Daubréelite Davidite Dawsonite Delafossite Delvauxite Demesmaekerite Derriksite Descloizite Devilline Diaboleite Diadochite Diamond Diaspore Dickite Digenite Dimorphite Diopside Dioptase Djerfisherite Djurleite Dmitryivanovite Dollaseite-(Ce) Dolomite Domeykite Donnayite-(Y) Drysdallite Duftite Dumortierite Dundasite Dypingite Dyscrasite Dzhalindite Varieties that are not valid species: Delessite (magnesian chamosite) E[edit]   Emerald on quartz, from Carnaiba Mine, Pindobaçu, Campo Formoso ultramafic complex, Bahia, Brazil Edenite Edingtonite Efremovite Ekanite Elbaite Emmonsite Empressite Enargite Enstatite Eosphorite Ephesite Epidote Epsomite Ericssonite Erionite (series of zeolites) Erythrite Eskolaite Esperite Ettringite Euchroite Euclase Eucryptite Eudialyte Eudialyte group Euxenite-(Y) Eveite Evenkite Eveslogite Varieties that are not valid species: Elsmoreite (pure hydrokenoelsmoreite) Emerald (green gem variety of beryl) F[edit]   Translucent fluorapophyllit-(K) crystal and stilbite, from Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India   Deep green isolated fluorite crystal showing cubic and octahedral faces, set upon a micaceous matrix Fabianite Farneseite Faujasite (subgroup of zeolites) Faustite Fayalite (olivine group) Feldspar (mineral group) Feldspathoid (mineral group) Felsőbányaite Ferberite Fergusonite (mineral group) Feroxyhyte Ferrierite (subgroup of zeolite minerals) Ferrihydrite Ferrimolybdite Ferro-actinolite Ferrogedrite Ferrohortonolite (olivine group) Ferronigerite-2N1S Ferropericlase Ferroselite Fettelite Fichtelite Fletcherite Fluckite Fluellite Fluoborite Fluocerite Fluor-buergerite Fluor-liddicoatite Fluor-uvite Fluorapatite (apatite group) Fluorapophyllite-(K) Fluorcaphite Fluorellestadite Fluorite Fluororichterite (amphibole group) Fornacite Forsterite (olivine group) Fougèrite (layered double hydroxide) Fourmarierite Fraipontite Francevillite Franckeite Frankamenite Frankdicksonite Frankhawthorneite Franklinite (spinel group) Franklinphilite Freibergite Freieslebenite Fukuchilite Varieties that are not valid species: Fassaite (variety of augite) Ferrocolumbite (synonym of columbite-(Fe)) Ferrotantalite (synonym of tantalite-(Fe)) Fluorspar (synonym of fluorite) Francolite (variety of fluorapatite) G[edit]   Garnet   Gold vein stockwork in limonite, from Gold Flake Vein, Farncomb Hill, Breckenridge Mining District, Summit County, Colorado, USA Gabrielite Gadolinite (mineral group) Gagarinite-(Ce) Gahnite Galaxite Galena Galkhaite Gananite Garnet (mineral group) Gaspeite Gatehouseite Gaylussite Gedrite Geerite Gehlenite Geigerite Geikielite Geocronite Georgerobinsonite Germanite Gersdorffite Getchellite Gibbsite Gilalite Gismondine Glauberite Glaucochroite Glaucodot Glauconite Glaucophane Gmelinite Godovikovite Goethite Gold Goldmanite Gonnardite Gordaite Gormanite Goslarite Graftonite Grandidierite Grandreefite Graphite Gratonite Greenalite Greenockite Gregoryite Greifensteinite Greigite Grossite Grossular Groutite Grunerite Guettardite Gugiaite Guilleminite Gunningite Guyanaite Gwihabaite Gypsum Varieties that are not valid species: Garnierite (a nickel ore) Gedanite (fossilized resin) Glessite (natural resin) H[edit]   Brazilian trigonal hematite crystals   Heulandite and celadonite   Hübnerite and quartz Hafnon Hagendorfite Haggertyite Haidingerite Haiweeite Håleniusite-(La) Halite Halloysite Halotrichite Hambergite Hanksite Hapkeite Hardystonite Harmotome Hauerite Hausmannite Hauyne Hawleyite Haxonite Hazenite Heazlewoodite Hectorite Hedenbergite Hellyerite Hematite Hemihedrite Hemimorphite Hemusite Heptasartorite Herbertsmithite Hercynite Herderite Hermannjahnite Hessite Heulandite (series of zeolites) Hexaferrum Hiärneite Hibonite Hidalgoite Hilgardite Hisingerite Hodgkinsonite Hoelite Hollandite Holmquistite Homilite Hopeite Hornblende (series of amphiboles) Howlite Hsianghualite Hubeite Hübnerite Huemulite Humite Huntite Hureaulite Hutchinsonite Huttonite Hydroboracite Hydrogrossular (series of garnets) Hydrohalite Hydrokenoelsmoreite Hydromagnesite Hydrotalcite Hydroxylapatite Hydrozincite Varieties that are not valid species: Hatchettite (a paraffin wax) Heliodor (greenish-yellow variety of beryl) Heliotrope (variety of chalcedony) Hessonite (variety of grossular) Hiddenite (variety of spodumene) Hyalite (variety of opal) Hyalophane Hypersthene (synonym of enstatite or ferrosilite, or mid-way member of the enstatite–ferrosilite series) I[edit]   Inyoite from Monte Azul deposit, Sijes, Salta, Argentina Ianbruceite Ichnusaite Icosahedrite Idrialite Ikaite Illite Ilmenite Ilvaite Imogolite Indite Indium Inyoite Iodargyrite Iranite Iridium Iron Ixiolite Varieties that are not valid species: Idocrase (synonym of vesuvianite) Iolite (a gem-quality variety of cordierite) J[edit]   Benitoite (blue), joaquinite-(Ce) (brown) and neptunite (dark red) on natrolite (white), from Dallas Gem Mine area, San Benito River headwaters area, New Idria District, Diablo Range, San Benito Co., California, USA Jacobsite Jadarite Jadeite Jaffeite Jalpaite Jamesonite Janggunite Jarosewichite Jarosite Jennite Jeremejevite Jerrygibbsite Jimthompsonite Johannite Jolliffeite Jonesite Jordanite Julgoldite Junitoite Jurbanite Varieties that are not valid species: Jade (tough, green mineral either jadeite or nephrite amphibole) Jasper (variety of quartz) Jeffersonite (variety of augite) Jet (fossilised wood) K[edit]   Kainosite-(Y) from the Amphibolite quarry, Haslach, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany   Kröhnkite from Cuquicamata Mine, Chuquicamata District, Calama, El Loa Province, Antofagasta Region, Chile Kaatialaite Kadyrelite Kaersutite Kainite Kainosite-(Y) Kalininite Kalinite Kalsilite Kamacite Kambaldaite Kamiokite Kampfite Kaňkite Kanoite Kaolinite Karlite Kassite Kegelite Keilite Kermesite Kernite Kesterite Keyite Khatyrkite Kieserite Kinoite Kleinite Knebelite Knorringite Kobellite Kochite Kogarkoite Kolbeckite Kornerupine Kosmochlor Kostovite Köttigite Kovdorskite Kratochvílite Kremersite Krennerite Krieselite Kröhnkite Krotite Krut'aite Krutovite Kukharenkoite-(Ce) Kuratite Kurnakovite Kutnohorite Kyanite Varieties that are not valid species: Keilhauite (variety of titanite) Kerolite (variety of talc) Krantzite (natural resin) Kunzite (variety of spodumene) L[edit]   Langite from Elsass, France   Legrandite on limonite   Liddicoatite on quartz and feldspar Labradorite Lanarkite Langbeinite Langite Lansfordite Lanthanite (group of rare earth carbonates) Laplandite-(Ce) Larnite Laumontite Laurionite Laurite Lautite Lavendulan Lawsonite Lazulite Lazurite Lead Leadhillite Legrandite Leifite Leightonite Lepidocrocite Lepidolite Letovicite Leucite Leucophanite Leucophoenicite Lévyne (series of zeolites) Libethenite Liebigite Linarite Lindgrenite Linnaeite Lipscombite Liroconite Litharge Lithiophilite Livingstonite Lizardite Loellingite Lonsdaleite Loparite-(Ce) Lópezite Lorándite Lorenzenite Loveringite Ludlamite Ludwigite Lulzacite Lyonsite Varieties that are not valid species: Lapis lazuli (a rock composed of lazurite and other minerals) Larimar (blue variety of pectolite) Lechatelierite (fused quartz glass) Lignite (a type of coal) Limonite (a mineraloid) Lodestone (a synonym of magnetite) Lublinite (variety of calcite) M[edit]   Magnetite from Speen Ghar, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan   Manganite from Ilfeld, Thuringia, Germany   Mesolite at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA   Mimetite on limonite matrix Macaulayite Macdonaldite Mackinawite Madocite Magadiite Maghemite Magnesioferrite Magnesiohastingsite Magnesiopascoite Magnesite Magnetite Majorite Malachite Malayaite Manganite Manganosite Manganvesuvianite Marcasite Margaritasite Margarite Marialite Maricite Marrite Marthozite Mascagnite Massicot Masuyite Mathesiusite Matlockite Maucherite Mawsonite Mckelveyite-(Y) Meionite Melanophlogite Melanterite Melilite Mellite Melonite Mendipite Mendozite Meneghinite Mercury Mereheadite Merenskyite Meridianiite Merrillite Mesolite Messelite Metacinnabar Metatorbernite Metazeunerite Meyerhofferite Miargyrite Mica (a group of silicate minerals) Microcline Microlite Millerite Millosevichite Mimetite Minium Minnesotaite Minyulite Mirabilite Mixite Moganite Mohite Mohrite Moissanite Molybdenite Molybdite Monazite Monohydrocalcite Monticellite Montmorillonite (clay mineral) Mooihoekite Moolooite Mordenite Moschellandsbergite Mosesite Mottramite Motukoreaite Mullite Mundite Murdochite Muscovite Musgravite (magnesiotaaffeite-6N'3S) Varieties that are not valid species: Magnesia Magnesiocummingtonite (magnesium-rich variety of cummingtonite) Malacolite (synonym of diopside) Manganocolumbite (synonym of columbite-(Mn)) Manganotantalite (synonym of tantalite-(Mn)) Mariposite (variety of phengite/muscovite) Meerschaum (variety of sepiolite) Melanite (variety of andradite) Menilite (variety of opal) Milky quartz (a cloudy white quartz) Morganite (a pink beryl) N[edit]   Needles of natrolite on deep pink inesite   Neptunite from California, USA Nabalamprophyllite Nabesite Nacrite Nadorite Nagyágite Nahcolite Naldrettite Nambulite Narsarsukite Native copper Natrolite Natron Natrophilite Nekrasovite Nelenite Nenadkevichite Nepheline Népouite Neptunite Nichromite Nickel Nickeline Niedermayrite Niningerite Nissonite Niter Nitratine Nobleite Nontronite Norbergite Normandite Northupite Nosean Nsutite Nuragheite Nyerereite Varieties that are not valid species: Nephrite (variety of actinolite) Niobite (synonym of columbite) Niobite-tantalite (synonym of columbite-tantalite) O[edit]   Boulder opal, Carisbrooke Station near Winton, Queensland, Australia Okenite Oldhamite Olgite Olivenite Olivine (a group of silicate minerals) Omphacite Oneillite Oosterboschite Oppenheimerite Ordóñezite Oregonite Orpiment Orthoclase Osarizawaite Osmium Osumilite Otavite Ottrelite Otwayite Varieties that are not valid species: Obsidian (a mineraloid) Oligoclase (a mixture of albite and anorthite) Onyx (a monochromatic banded variety of chalcedony) Opal (a mineraloid) Orthochrysotile (a polytype of chrysotile) P[edit]   Paravauxite and sigloite crystals associated with micro crystallized iron-stained wavellite needles on matrix   Pectolite from Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey, USA   Phosphophyllite from Cerro de Potosí, Potosí Department, Bolivia   Pyrrhotite on quartz Pääkkönenite Pabstite Painite Palladium Palygorskite Panethite Panguite Papagoite Paragonite Paralaurionite Paramelaconite Pararealgar Pargasite Parisite-(Ce) Parsonsite Parthéite Pascoite Patrónite Paulingite (series of zeolites) Paulscherrerite Pearceite Pecoraite Pectolite Penikisite Penroseite Pentagonite Pentlandite Perhamite Periclase Perite Perovskite Petalite Petzite Pezzottaite Pharmacolite Pharmacosiderite Phenakite Phillipsite (series of zeolites) Phlogopite Phoenicochroite Phosgenite Phosphophyllite Phosphuranylite Pickeringite Picropharmacolite Piemontite Pigeonite Pinalite Pinnoite Piypite Plagioclase Na-Ca feldspar series Plancheite Platinum Plattnerite Playfairite Plumbogummite Polarite Pollucite Polybasite Polycrase Polydymite Polyhalite Portlandite Posnjakite Poudretteite Povondraite Powellite Prehnite Proustite Pseudobrookite Pseudomalachite Pseudowollastonite Pumpellyite (group of sorosilicates) Purpurite Putnisite Pyrargyrite Pyrite Pyrochlore (mineral group) Pyrolusite Pyromorphite Pyrope Pyrophanite Pyrophyllite Pyroxene (group of silicate minerals) Pyroxferroite Pyroxmangite Pyrrhotite Varieties that are not valid species: Palagonite (basaltic volcanic glass) Parachrysotile (a polytype of chrysotile) Pelagosite (variety of aragonite) Pericline (variety of albite) Peridot (gem-quality olivine) Perlite (volcanic glass) Phengite (variety of muscovite) Phosphorite (name given to impure, massive apatite.) Pimelite ("discredited mineral species") Pitchblende (a massive impure form of uraninite) Plessite (mixture of kamacite and taenite) Potassium alum or potash alum (as a mineral, is called alum-(K)) Psilomelane (refers collectively to hard black manganese oxides) Pumicite (synonym of pumice) Q[edit]   Quartz Qingsongite Quartz Quenstedtite Quetzalcoatlite Quintinite Qusongite R[edit]   Crystals of cherry red ruby in matrix   Rock crystal Rakovanite Rambergite Rameauite Rammelsbergite Rapidcreekite Raslakite Raspite Rastsvetaevite Realgar Reederite-(Y) Reidite Reinerite Renierite Rheniite Rhodium Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Rhodplumsite Rhomboclase Richterite Rickardite Riebeckite Ringwoodite Roaldite Robertsite Rodalquilarite Romanèchite Romeite Rosasite Roscoelite Roselite Rosenbergite Rosickýite Routhierite Rozenite Rubicline Ruizite Russellite Ruthenium Rutherfordine Rutile Rynersonite Varieties that are not valid species: Rashleighite (variety of turquoise) Rhodolite (variety of pyrope) Rock crystal (quartz) Rose quartz (pink variety of quartz) Roumanite (amber) Ruby (red gem corundum) S[edit]   Acicular colorless scolecite crystals in a group with pale green apophyllite and very light pink stilbite   Gypsum (selenite variety): Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua, Mexico   Serandite clusters from Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Montérégie, Québec, Canada   Botryoidal balls of shattuckite, from Otjikotu, Kaokoveld, Kunene, Namibia   Ball of stepped stannite crystals flanked by splaying GEM quartzes and golden chalcopyrite at its upper edge, from Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang County, Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China Sabatierite Sabieite Sabinaite Sacrofanite Safflorite Sal ammoniac Saleeite Saliotite Salzburgite Samarskite-(Y) Sampleite Samsonite Samuelsonite Sanbornite Saneroite Sanidine (orthoclase variety) Santabarbaraite Santite Saponite (clay mineral) Sapphirine Sarabauite Sarkinite Sassolite Satterlyite Sauconite Sborgite Scapolite (a group of silicate minerals) Schäferite Scheelite Schmiederite Schoepite Schorl (black tourmaline) Schreibersite Schreyerite Schröckingerite Schwertmannite Scolecite Scorodite Scorzalite Scrutinyite Seamanite Searlesite Seeligerite Segelerite Seifertite Sekaninaite Selenium Seligmannite Sellaite Semseyite Senarmontite Sepiolite Sérandite Serendibite Serpentine group Serpierite Sewardite Shandite Shattuckite Shigaite Shortite Siderite Siderophyllite Siderotil Siegenite Silicate perovskite Silicon Sillimanite Silver Simonellite Simpsonite Sincosite Sinkankasite Sinoite Skaergaardite Sklodowskite Skutterudite Smaltite Smectite (a group of clay minerals) Smithsonite Sodalite Soddyite Sonolite Sperrylite Spertiniite Spessartine Sphalerite Spherocobaltite Spinel Spodumene Spurrite Stannite Stannoidite Staurolite Steacyite Stellerite Stephanite Stercorite Stibarsen Stibiconite Stibiopalladinite Stibnite Stichtite Stilbite (series of zeolites) Stilleite Stillwaterite Stillwellite-(Ce) Stilpnomelane Stishovite Stolzite Strashimirite Strengite Stromeyerite Strontianite Struvite Studenitsite Studtite Sturmanite Stützite Suanite Suessite Sugilite Sulfur Sursassite Susannite Sussexite Svanbergite Sweetite Switzerite Sylvanite Sylvite Synchysite-(Ce) Syngenite Varieties that are not valid species: Sapphire (gem corundum of any color except red, especially blue varieties) Sard (a variety of chalcedony/quartz) Satinspar (a variety of gypsum) Selenite (a variety of gypsum) Shungite (a lustrous black mineraloid) Simetite (a variety of amber) Smoky quartz (a brown or black variety of quartz) Soda niter (synonym of nitratine) Spectrolite (a variety of labradorite) Spessartite (synonym of spessartine) Sphene (synonym of titanite) Stantienite (a variety of amber) Sunstone (a variety of either oligoclase or orthoclase) T[edit]   Crystal of titanite with adularia and minor clinochlore on matrix   Fluorite crystal sitting beside a glassy, dark green tourmaline crystal, which itself sits atop a green tourmaline of a lighter color. All sit on a bed of sparkly, bladed stark white albite   Crystals of turquoise, from Copper Cities Mine, Globe-Miami District, Arizona, USA Taaffeite Tachyhydrite Taenite Talc Talmessite Talnakhite Tamarugite Tangeite Tantalite Tantite Tapiolite (mineral series) Taranakite Tarapacaite Tarbuttite Tausonite Teallite Tellurite Tellurium Tellurobismuthite Temagamite Tennantite Tenorite Tephroite Terlinguaite Teruggite Tetradymite Tetrahedrite Tetrataenite Thaumasite Thenardite Thermonatrite Thiospinel group Thomasclarkite-(Y) Thomsenolite Thomsonite (series of zeolites) Thorianite Thorite Thortveitite Tiemannite Tienshanite Tin Tinaksite Tincalconite Titanite Titanium Titanowodginite Tobermorite Todorokite Tokyoite Tongbaite Topaz Torbernite Tourmaline (group of silicate minerals) Tranquillityite Tremolite Trevorite Tridymite Triphylite Triplite Triploidite Tripuhyite Troilite Trona Tschermakite Tschermigite Tsumcorite Tsumebite Tugtupite Tungsten Tungstite Tuperssuatsiaite Turquoise Tusionite Tyrolite Tyrrellite Tyuyamunite Varieties that are not valid species: Tanzanite (variety of zoisite) Thulite (variety of zoisite) Thuringite (variety of chamosite) Travertine (form of calcium carbonate) Tsavorite (gem variety of grossularite garnet) U[edit]   Crystals of tourmaline (uvite variety) on quartz, from Pomba pit, Serra das Éguas, Brumado, Bahia, Brazil Uchucchacuaite Uklonskovite Ulexite Ullmannite Ulrichite Ulvöspinel Umangite Umbite Upalite Uraninite Uranocircite-II Uranophane Uranopilite Urea Uricite Urusovite Ussingite Utahite Uvarovite Uytenbogaardtite Varieties that are not valid species: Ultramarine Uralite (alteration actinolite) V[edit]   Vanadinite from the Mibladen Mining District, Morocco Vaesite Valentinite Valleriite Vanadinite Vanadiocarpholite Vanadium Vantasselite Vanuralite Variscite Vaterite Vauquelinite Vauxite Veatchite Vermiculite Vesuvianite Villiaumite Violarite Vishnevite Vivianite Vladimirite Vlasovite Volborthite Vulcanite W[edit]   Deep green balls of wavellite in exposed pocket, from Mauldin Mountain Quarries, Montgomery County, Arkansas, USA Wadsleyite Wagnerite Wairakite Wakabayashilite Wakefieldite Walfordite Wardite Warikahnite Warwickite Wassonite Wattersite Wavellite Weddellite Weeksite Weilite Weissite Weloganite Whewellite Whiteite (group of minerals) Whitlockite Willemite Wiluite Witherite Wodginite Wolframite Wollastonite Woodhouseite Wulfenite Wurtzite Wüstite Wyartite X[edit]   Combination piece with radial fibrous inesite and xonotlite Xanthiosite Xanthoconite Xanthoxenite Xenophyllite Xenotime Xiangjiangite Xieite Xifengite Xilingolite Ximengite Xingzhongite Xitieshanite Xocolatlite Xocomecatlite Xonotlite Y[edit] Ye'elimite Yttrialite Yttropyrochlore-(Y) (obruchevite) Yuksporite Varieties that are not valid species: Yttrocerite (variety of fluorite) Yttrocolumbite (variety columbite) Z[edit]   Zeolite with heulandite on quartz   Zircon from Gilgit, Pakistan Zabuyelite Zaccagnaite Zaherite Zaïrite Zakharovite Zanazziite Zaratite Zektzerite Zemannite Zeolite (group of silicate minerals) Zeunerite Zhanghengite Zharchikhite Zhemchuzhnikovite Ziesite Zimbabweite Zincite Zinclipscombite Zincmelanterite Zincobotryogen Zincochromite Zincolivenite Zinkenite Zinnwaldite Zippeite Zircon Zirconolite Zircophyllite Zirkelite Znucalite Zoisite Zorite Zunyite Zussmanite Zykaite Varieties that are not valid species: Zajacite-(Ce) (name changed to gagarinite-(Ce)) Zhonghuacerite-(Ce) (considered to be kukharenkoite-(Ce) or huanghoite-(Ce)) Zinalsite (synonym for fraipontite)

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