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People of Navera

Every organism in Navera is made from the core of a violet star, and their body structures replicate the very anatomy of their planet. In the center of their bodies are cores that power the body, helped by a circulatory system that balances energy levels within them. The people of Navera have studied the of their bodies, and are currently testing the idea of drawing that energy from out the body to use in warfare, self defense and other self-powering tasks. On the outside they look like the human beings on Earth.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They look and function almost exactly like humans, the only exception is that on the inside they are structured like their planet, they have a core at the center supported by a circulatory system balancing the energy within. The more balanced the levels are, the healthier the subject is.   The Naverians are one homogeneous species. Physically they look exactly like humans as said before, except they are much taller, stronger, faster and live longer lives. On average, they are born with medium to deeper skin tones, curly hair textures and darker hair color.

Scientific Name
Astrum Poplus

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