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Winter Fire

Winter Fire

A dish made as winter comes, to show that A person is willing to live through the harsh winter and be reborn during the spring. It is made by everyone as Winter does not care for if you are rich or poor, simply that you must pass through winter and reach the season of spring.

To make Winter Fire you need 8 ingredients

  1. Boilded potatoes mashed
  2. Deboned Chicken, fresher from the chicken the better
  3. Bone meal: Of any animal but a Chicken
  4. the venomous gland of an animal
  5. Water
  6. Green onions
  7. A spicy chosen by your family
  8. anything the youngest member of the family wants to add

The actual making of this dish is done in a community setting as all families go to the center of there town or village, cities and larger have multiple centers for this. This is a time to talk and laugh as you make these meals but all goes quiet when the priest go through and pray at each families meal. After each person add the first 7 ingredients all turn to the youngest member of the family asking what they want to be added, many a time has this lead to a frantic hunt of an animal,the most famous being the death of a local tyrannical dragon to cook it heart (but that for Dragon Heart Soup tale), as the youngest member sometimes does not understand how rare what they ask for is, though babies do make things easier as the mothers just set foods out in front of them and let them pick.

The Winter Fire is made on the last day of the fall, it is cooked throughout the day, at noon the 8 ingredients is asked for. At sunset everyone goes comes together sitting on the ground and talking about how they hope to pass through the winter, everyone enjoys this time as no one is better than the others. once the sun is gone everyone lights a communal fire and throws in everything not eaten yet even if there stomach still growls. They all watch the fire for a time before the town Bakery then pass out what he cans making each person gets as close to equal amounts and if he cannot the remains are placed in one place and the children are sent to try and get what they can.

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16 Oct, 2018 14:47

I really love the community aspect of this recipe, it sounds like some interesting combinations can be made!

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
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