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the World is similar to Earth, with it's many different geographies and climates. Except Nature always feels like it has a bigger presence. It's forests are older and taller, it's mountains more massive, it's lakes and rivers deeper, swifter, and clearer, it's deserts hotter, drier. It is home to elves, not humans, each both born from it's environment spontaneously and inherently aligned with it.   Elves are born with one unique, special Gift each. For some, this can be a simple as making their hand glow and never needing a torch. On the other end of the spectrum are those so aligned with their environment, they can manipulate it: a Sea Elf controlling the very water around them, for example. Some embrace their gift. Those that can reshape wood make structures for others, those that can shape life heal the sick and wounded. Others choose the skills and professions they enjoy, regardless of their gift.   This story follows the life of one elf in particular, Mas'yldran. Born an Elf of the Hunt, she is headstrong, impatient, and still does not know her gift. This first book in the series will see her beginnings in the Hunter Elf village of Lohr'an, her training by the weaponsmaster Yumanea, and her quest to seek out a Forest Elf with the Gift to divine another elf's Gift. All as she becomes what she's always wanted to be: an Adventurer.   A Note to the Wiki browser here: Some of the articles (mostly characters and events) might list song inspirations. If they're listed, these songs are major inspirations in some way to the article or are in some way essentially about the article itself, if interpretation is allowed. For example, its not just that Within Temptation's Mother Earth has similar elements to Nature, the Goddess. In fact, the song could easily be about Nature, the in-world peoples could be singing it about Nature, and the author has created a whole music video in their head about Nature to Within Temptation's Mother Earth.