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Nativis Lunae

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People like to play god, to weave their own stories and worlds. As someone creates their story, guiding and moving their world along. For some, they focus on the beauty and complexity if the world. For others, it's the adventure of a chosen hero. Regardless of focus, all stories are the imagination and inspiration of the writer as they play god.   A weaver of stories wanted to create something intricate. Seeking the approval of a creative girl, he endeavored to make a world that was beautiful. What he created was expansive layers of a multiverse, contained within the folds of imagination. The two made themselves gods within the world and wrote together. The boy represented logic and consistency and the girl, creativity and spontaneity   The world was once opened up to other people to walk in as heroes of their own adventures, and the boy played god as the girl walked among the heroes of the world. But soon enough the boy knew that she did not reciprocate the affinity he had for her. He gave her gifts and let her write what she wished in the story of the world, but if she ever saw him as more than a friend, he didn't know   With so much power, she quickly became antagonistic towards anyone else he invited to interact with the world and would have killed many more of their characters, if not for the boys intervention. Eventually, he came to terms with the idea that she would reject him as anything more than a friend and together, they wrote and drew and made more stories to come.