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Nativis Lunae

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People like to play god, to weave their own stories and worlds. As someone creates their story, guiding and moving their world along. For some, they focus on the beauty and complexity if the world. For others, it's the adventure of a chosen hero. Regardless of focus, all stories are the imagination and inspiration of the writer as they play god.   A weaver of stories who made nothing but chaos wanted to create something intricate. Seeking the approval of a story writing girl, he endeavored to make a world that was beautiful. What he created was expansive layers of a multiverse, contained within the folds of imagination, but soon he became weary of the world, which he had come to share with her. He believed that by forming a better world, the girl would come to rule with him as god and goddess...   Nearly a millennium ago, the first civilizations set foot in the world. It's said that they brought with them the cultures of their own worlds, which have developed into the way they live today. The world of Nativis Lunae thrived, and new ways of life began to develop within the cultures of nations, but the mysterious wipeout of almost all of the current civilization brought that all to a halt. Now, less than a century after the disaster that did this, the world has once again been dominated by the beauty of nature and the moon.

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