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Nations of Eden

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Eden is a big high fantasy world with base on the Legend System, filled with diferent races and cultures. Its a world with no traditional deities, but religions are still a thing and demons are real. Nations arise, thrive and compete, some die, some grow, others are just able to survive another day.   Civilized lands are dangerous, as you may find yourself prey of the rule of law, savage raiders or even invaders from other nations. Natural world is dangerous, as the scariest of beasts rule here. These lands are untamed for a reason and if you insist on living there, you may find why. The world beyond Eden, might be the worst of dangers, as demon gods and far realm beings await the moment to attack.   This can be a curse, but also a boon, as the ones with enough determination can even shape the world with their deeds. And sometimes, all you need is a catalyst: fighting the marauders that are burning your home, defending your nation honor, stoping the weird creatures that are appearing from nowhere or even taking a ship and looking for adventures at the Serpent Sea.