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Umbrian Fire Squad



The squadron consists of members of the University. The standard form is ten militant mages and a sargeant all of them specialized in destructive magic. Sometimes one of them is specialized in defensive magic instead, protecting the entire squad with it, this variant is called Umbrian Tank Squad.


They are usually equipped with their standard gear.


Besides tools of channeling raw magic energy, the main weapon of a Fire Squad is their mighty spells.


The structure of a Fire Squad is complex, as a Sargeant is trained in many different ways of coordinating its unit and due to the highly variable nature of mages much formations are squad specific.

The most common formation is indeed spread out and united by a telepathic link, helping in different parts of the battlefield with their powers but in a coordinated pattern. When they defend positions and not likely to be targeted by area-based attacks, they form a very deadly unit that focuses on a single point.



They are drawn from the ranks of the Militant Order of the University as the order has the duty to provide soldiers for the umbrian army in times of war.


At the first days of the University, forming specialized units of mages was impossible as they had few mages and was rare to find one with the exact abilities that the generals needed. But as the better, later times came, they started having enough manpower to form specific units like this one.

Since them, this unit has been a classic on the army, along the Umbrian Support Squad and the Umbrian Infiltrator Squad.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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