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Umbria like Aquisgran loves tournaments, also adding flashy mage duels into the games. Umbria challenges the Dawn Kingdom often on these tournaments in peace times.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

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Masculine names

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Family names

Umbrians have a first name, wich is personal and then they have two more names: the family name of the father and the family name of the mother. The family name transmited to the children is usually the most prestigious name. Nobles don't have family names, having only the name of their dinasty.


Major language groups and dialects

Banerian in the North and Iron marches, also is the official language used in institutions and the court. Aurenian in Sun and Oriental marches, can also be used in official institutions and the court without problem.

Culture and cultural heritage

A very prominent traditions of Umbria is the Banerian Chant. The Banerian Chant is an improvised song with rhyme. The stanzas are usually of between five and twelve verses, being six the more common number.   The most common form of Banerian Chant is the Chant Fight, were two or more chanters duel each other, with jesting, bragging and messing with each other. Mocking is expected to be clever and elegant, being plain rude is not appreaciated.

Average technological level

They are famous for the ability to produce lots of good quality glass with magic assitance and they make a huge use of it.   Late medieval level of technology.   They are starting to mix magic in their tech at a very basic level.

Common Dress code

The most common clothing, both in males and females are shirts with long skirts. The higher class also wear dresses in the case of females and tunics in case of males. Knee-high boots and capes are also common complements.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Umbrians usually bury their dead, in the case of important people, they get to be buried in crypts at the cathedrals, castles and churches.   The funerary ceremony is done shortly after the burial, where the family and friends of the deceased make discourses about the dead and say the last words, seeking also to bury all the disputes and misunderstainding, so the soul can go in peace to the afterlife, with no more loose ends towards the loved ones who still live.

Common Taboos

Witchcraft, Necromancy and mind control magic are banned.


Beauty Ideals

Umbrians usually like tall people and bright colors (Usually red, green or blue). Even tought, they find personality more atractive than looks.

Gender Ideals

There's no actual gendered ocupations, being any position equally likely to be filled by a man or a woman.

Courtship Ideals

Friendship is considered a prerrequisite of engagement, considering ludicorus the notion of being able to actually like someone who don't you actually know.

Relationship Ideals

Marriage is formal and a religious matter, monogamy and chastity are expected. Mixed couples are permited to have a single lover for reproduction.

Major organizations


University is a powerful institution in Umbria, but as divided as is nobility. Is composed of diferent academies competing with each other but colaborating in mantaining the social prestige of the institution. No one in Umbria dobts its power as it not only consists in scholars and bookworms but also mages.

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