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Tower of the Lord of Dust

Image by Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
This palace is nothing but the entrance of a huge underground city full of demonic inhabitants. Most of the city is buried in sand, but the demons who inhabit there often excavate new tunnels.

Purpose / Function

Its the palace of one of the main cities of the Medina Empire. The legend says that it holded several artifacts of great power. At first, then Molikedar explorers found it, they believed that was indeed the capital of Medina. It was a great dissapointment for the nomads when it was proven wrong.

Despite being not the great discovery it was supossed to be, it's still a very interesting one. Lots of history can be discovered within the walls of the city below the surface.


When this building was found, Molikedar warned the Beni Ibrahim of the discovery. An expedition was founded and they explored the ruins only to found it infested with demons... the most powerful of them was the Lord of Dust, an Old Demon who controled the sand that filled the underground city. During the fight several chambers colapsed and other paths were blocked, so the first expedition didn't explore the entire underground city.

The relics founded were equaly split between the clan Ali-Ali of the Beni Ibrahim and Qusta.
Parent Location

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