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Tournament of the Future King Parent

Tenesians love tournaments so a great tournament is hold at such great event as is the election of the mortal parent of the future city king. The preparations for the event take place one month after, opening the inscriptions on the second day. The first day the dragon decides the type of tournament, normally the Silver Tournament. Also the dragon lists the secondary competitions it wants to see, being the most popular the oratory competition. In some cases, the dragon as already decided the mate, but holds the tournament anyway just to enjoy the show, warning it beforehand.  

Time and deadlines

On the first nine days, its the request time, on Silver and Red Tournaments this is the time to request especial autorization to use gear vital to the participant (Like a prostetic leg) and, in the Silver Tournament case, especial gear for exotic styles. Also, this is the time for requesting secondary competitions. At the tenth day all requests would be studied and given answer.   From the 11th to the 19th, decisions about the request can be asked to be studied enough if there's enough ground to ask for such thing. At the 20th day, the final decision will be published.   The next 10 days will be for inscription, everyone can participate as long is considered old enough, even foreigners, but only adult and fertile citizens of the oposite sex of the dragon can apply for being the dragon mate. One person can apply to as many competitions as it wants. The deadline for inscription is the 30th day.   On the final 5 days take place the tournament, dividing the competitions on days as the dragon sees fit.  


  The dragon is allways in a central place, where it can see the tournament and can interrupt it at any moment, request to talk with a particular competitor and expel any participant without giving explanations. Next to the dragon are the members of the royal family and special guests. Close to the arena are the judges, a total of six, that watch the competition for foul play and mistakes on the security. Also there are 6 paladins, prepared to avoid fatal wounds during the fight. The paladins intervention mean the end of the fight, sometimes meaning disqualification for killing intent but mostly meaning that the saved one already lost the fight. Around the arena are the seats for all the spectators who want to come.   Because of the nature of the competition, winning does not guarantee being elected, being more important showing off than winning, as in the end, the dragon chose whoever it wants.    


  The main fight is on foot and individual, tought some seconday competitions may be mounted or groupal versions. Security measures to avoid mortality are taken and of course trying to kill your opponent is forbidden. Every participant fights without any kind of external help and fully healed.   They are divided in groups of four (in case they are not multiple of four there are two groups of 3, one of 3 or one of 5), in every group there are six fights (3 in the case of 3 combatants, 10 in the case of 5 participants), fightning in every combination in five minutes fights. Wining scores you two points, losing 0 points and in the case of a draw or time up, 1 points. You can be disqualified for attempting to force a time up in a match you are crearly losing. At the end of the fights, the one with more points win and passes to the next round.   On the second round, the combatants with less points fight each other by pairs in eliminatory fights until the number of combatants is an expotentiation of two (2,4,8,16,32,64...).   The third and last round is the final tournament, in a single-elimination brackets model. The champion is awarded an ornamental shield.

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16 Feb, 2018 00:40

I had a bit of a hard time visualizing some of the aspects of your tournament and following along grammatically, but I see you have a good foundation for your tradition. I am left with certain questions about your world and trying to wrap my head around it, such as what the dragons of your world look like, the difference between red and silver tournaments, special gear for exotic fighting styles, and how mounted fighting works. I think the timeline feature may help give a visual representation of your Time and Deadlines section.

16 Feb, 2018 09:49

-Dragons are described as species, tough i will have to expand their article once i posted all the material i have on pc on the wiki (I have much more to export yet) -The diference between silver an red tournaments is in Tenesian (Ehnicity), i might be writing a general tenesian tournament page as soon as i can. -Exotic is literally exotic for their perspective, not ours, its literally a fighting style they haven't taken into consideration and you need non standard gear, so they can have such gear prepared and judge if its fair or not to use it.

  • Mounted fighting is just jousting, tenesian draw their tournament tradition from santuarian ones, who had jousting. Tenesians in general aren't fond of jousting, but there are people who enjoy them and if asked, a secondary jousting competition can be done.
  • 16 Feb, 2018 02:44

    Is the dragon a literal dragon or is it a title? Are there any second-place prizes or other rituals surrounding this event? How do people prepare for this?

    Admin of the World Anvil Codex & Discord | Director of Ethnis | My Ko-Fi | My Twitter
    16 Feb, 2018 09:55

    Dragon is quite literal, dragons are the guardians and owners of tenesian cities. Their half-breed sons rule the cities as a symbol of the alliance, a son of both the dragon and the citizens.   No, no second prize, but being glory part of tenesian honor, reaching that far in the tournament is its own reward.