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Thorke Clan


  Science: Know how this and other worlds work. From magic to flowers, from the sun to the sea. There's no such thing as a perfect answer, but you can always look for a better one.
Share: Knowledge must be shared with everyone, but beware, teaching swordmaking before teaching peace, is asking for a fine quality sword stab at your gut. Judge if the person you are teaching is prepared for the knowledge.
Glory: Glory is important, your stories make you inmortal and inspire others. But never fall into the temptation of false glory, only truth is worth of your time.
History: Perpetaute the glory of heroes, but also their mistakes, as forgetting them will doom the future generation to repeat them.


Thorke is a very spread clan, being present everywhere on Tenesia.   As lorekeepers they are, are valued in any city.


The clan Thorke is the third oldest clan, considered one of the founders of the old tenesia.
Geopolitical, Clan
Alternative Names
House Thorke
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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