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The Golden

The Great Golden Dragon

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is getting worse and worse of health every passing year. A lot of his beautiful golden scales have turned white.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The golden dragons were the most powerful line of dragons, once there were seven golden dragons at the east of Atlas that were reincarnated by their eggs when necessary. They lived with the cultured and peaceful society of the Tengu or Kingdom of Xiao, offering their guidance and wisdom.   Everything changed when Akuma made its appearance, corrupted the dragon's eggs and plotted stratagems with which it eliminated the seven dragons, unfortunately for him, one of them had reached the pinnacle and rose again to face it.   Akuma and its demons had devastated the kingdom of xiao, so the last golden dragon had to protect them more than ever. He managed to unite several peoples of the steppes who had been attacked by the demons along with the tengu, creating a great army that fought against the demon god. Finally, using his enormous wisdom, he managed to seal the Akuma half in his body and had the best priests of the Xiao use the techniques he had taught them to seal the other half. Containing half of Akuma, specifically the most harmful and dangerous, produces serious health problems in the dragon, who knows that one day that will kill him and corrupt his soul preventing him from using the pinnacle to resurrect in its full form, freeing the demon lord again (Luckily, much weaker than before) and breaking all the seals. That is why he is dedicated to teaching priests how to perfect their sealing techniques and has built an army of mud warriors ... for when hard times come.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sealing Akuma and founding the Moon Empire

Failures & Embarrassments

Reacting to late to the threath of Akuma   Being unable to defeat it properly

Personality Characteristics


Get the empire prepared for the return of Akuma
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Last Dragon of the East   The Great Golden Dragon   The Emperor choser   The Great Ancient One
East of the Steppe
Current Residence
Moon Empire
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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