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The Fall of the City of Galvania

The City of Galvania, capital of the current Galvania duchy was a city state, probably the most powerful city remnant of the Sanctuary Empire. It was surrounded by the east invaders legions.

The Conflict


The legions of the what would become the Aquisgran Empire were reaching further into the lands of the Sanctuary Empire. The later was too divided to fight back.

The lord of the city said to the warlady that leaded the army that this siege would be her doom and that Galvania would not bow to a foreign barbarian.


Even before preparing the siege, the gates of the city opened. A century of frightening warriors marched in perfect syncrony towards the invaders. Among there was the general of the armies of the city.

Everyone of the army were nervous, intimidated by the unexpected move but the warlady ordered them to let them approach and lay down their weapons. She approached the century and smiled, the general smiled and abandoned the formation, showing that he was holding a prisoner: the lord of the city "I got your message" said the man shaking her hand and handing out the prisoner "And I accept your terms". The battle was over.


Galvania become one of the main pilars of the main empire, and the general was granted the lordship of an entire province, becoming the first Duke of Galvania. He knew that while powerful, the city could not win a long term war against the invaders ,so he decided that the wisest choice was to join them. Likewise, the warlady knew that sooner or later the city would fall but she knew it wouldn't be easy and would cost her too much time and manpower.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Surrender of Galvania
Atlas Continent


Future Aquisgran Empire
City State of Galvania






Take over the city
Ensure their power

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