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Tengu are a peaceful and philosophical folk, always avoiding violence unless its completely needed, although they usually practice the art of sword for sport and do not hesitate to fight if the have to do it.   Despite being as tall as humans, their tendency to walk curved makes them look small.

Basic Information


They look like a wingless humanoid crow. They have big beaks and their feet and hands look like the talons of a bird, with four fingers with sharp nails.

Genetics and Reproduction

Being bird, the tengu lay eggs.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Around human average

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Moon Empire

Major Language Groups and Dialects


RPG Datasheet

    • [Medium] size
    • [Humanoid] Type
    • +2 Dextery and Wisdom, -2 Constitution
    • +1 to Reflex saving throws
    • +1 (+1 every 8 levels) to Perception or Stealth
    • Additional Feats (Choose one): Chatty Bugger, To Iron Married, Word of Power
Natural level 1

160 years
Average Height
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their plumage is black, although sometimes they are brown or dark blue. Their beak is always black.
Related Ethnicities

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