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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Azahara, Brigide, Alberta, Janine, Arsenda, Brunilda, Fatima, Alexa, Aurora, Gloria

Masculine names

Manfred, Kassim, Safir, Ostagard, Lucian, Oliver, Asgarde, Salim, Tariq

Other names

Tenesians draw their names from several cultures, as they had assimilated lot of them during their history.


Major language groups and dialects


Shared customary codes and values

Honor is a very important value for tenesians. Their code is about upholding justice, protecting the innocent and stoping evil.   Their main values are: Valor, Truth, Loyalty (To the nation values, not the government), Temperance, Mercy and Glory.

Common Etiquette rules

Hit your own chest and raise the fist: Expresses admiration, often done o salute a king or a dragon.   Small bow: Is a formal salute, used mostly by the nobility. You must not overdo the bow as sychopancy is not appreciated.   Middle and index finger to the sky: Informal salutation   Kneeling: No Tenesian ever actually kneels, at most they bend with the knee almost touching the ground. This symbol is used mostly in love declarations "For you i'd almost kneel".

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

They follow the Cult of Luane as their main religion.   Also, they love tournaments, a typicial onternian tradition that cames from the old Santuary Empire. They are celebrated often, specially when the dragon has to chose the parent of the next king. There are three diferent types:
  • Great or Black Tournament: Done with their own equipment, magic weapons and armor is permitted.
  • Silver Tournament, considered the most fair tournament, combatants fight with gear provieded by the arena, if someone wants to use something exotic it must be requested and approved before the torunament.
  • Red Tournament: Gear is forbidden, you can only fight with your body and your magic.
  • Ideals

    Gender Ideals

    No gender roles

    Courtship Ideals

    Public displays of affection are expected, in fact, when they see lovers not seeking each other affection or contact something wrong is happening underneath.

    Relationship Ideals

    In relationships and sexuality, tenesian are an open folk. Anything is respected and tolerated as long it doesnt hurt anyone. Civil unions are indeed informal, as the state doesn't get into personal relationships. Both monogamic and polygamic relationships are common, being more a personal choice than a social norm. In Molikedar polygamy is more common, in Onternia monogamy is the more common one.

    Major organizations

    Old Cult, Onternia, Molikedar and the Protectorate

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