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Tale of the three warlords

The story of the three warlords is a tale wich almost every clan of the Steppe holds a written copy. There are slight differences from clan to clan, but the story it tells its mostly the same. Hyrum, the Land of Tears and the Moon Empire hold a copy of the history in their archives, taken of defeated vaskunlagas. The historical validity of such a tale is non existant, as Eylem the Calm participates in events almost a milenia apart from each other: The migration of the ezeltaure tribes to the east and the fall of the first Moon Empire. Some scholars belive that Eylem the Calm wasn't indeed in the first event, but was instead a distant descendant of Iskander, other believe that Eylem the Calm are two different historical figures of the same bloodline. Either group would be glad to pay a sizeable reward for an evidence of their claims.


The story goes on the Age of Myth, previous even to the foundation of the Ezeltaure confederation. They speak about a red dragon known as Dramor, who destroyed entire tribes back on the Peninsula. Against such undefeatable threat, three warlords reunited to decide the fate of their people. Eylem the Calm, Iskander the Wise and Iyari of the black heart. The three of them decided that the beast approach was to flee to safer lands, going across the Savage Lands to reach new lands. Was a very dangerous journey, but safer that remaining prey of Dramon. The three of them departed diferent ways, leading their tribes to a better place.

Iyari Journey

Iyari of the black heart was a cruel hobgoblin, but with the survival of her clan as the top priority, even at the cost of her life. The tale talks about her jorney on the Savage Lands, meeting a pack of Worgs and making an alliance with them. The story is short and doesn't go much into details. She was the founder of Hyrum. Some versions of the tale speak about she being a cultist of a dark power named Dosum.

Eylem Journey

Eylem the Calm is described as a patient and clam leader, an honorable hobgoblin woman. The tale speaks about she recruiting a small tribe of ogres before adventuring into the Savage Lands. While Iskander roamed on the Steppe she ventured further to the east, to the mountains, meeting The Golden and sworning loyalty to him. The tale coments of how their dependance of the golden deity and the peaceful convivence with the Tengu race made the once powerful clan weak.

Iskander Journey

The tale of Iskander, a hobgoblin man, is the longest part of the story, being the mythical origin of the steppe warriors. After venturing through the Savage Lands they met a the remnants of several orc tribes destroyed by Dramon. They were leaded by an orc woman called Ilhan the brave. They agreed to make such difficult journey together. Soon the discrepancies of both were evident, Ilhan was brave and strong, but reckless, on the other hand, Iskander was vicious and ruthless when it mattered, but know when to fight and when to avoid pointless battles. Such a tale is pointed as "pure hobgoblin propaganda" by several scholars, written down to point how much orcs need their guidance.

After several small tales where Iskander advice always save Ilhan and the story of how a giant monster eaten an entire boat when the orc warlady decided to cross it despite Iskander warnings comes the story of the multiple headed scaly monster. Such scaly monster was an obstacle to the tribe, if they avoided they would have to go through the mountains on take the longest path around it, so Iskander devised a plan to ambush it. The combined hobgoblin and orc forces managed to surround the beast, while and elite squad fallen through the tall trees around it, striking the beast from above. But the beast was very tough and managed to destroy and chew a lot of enemies, even surrounded Iskander neck with the sharp teeth of one of its heads. Luckily, Ilhan charged bravely through the lines, cutting in half the neck of said head, ignoring the threat of the other heads to save her ally. The tale ends with the arrival to the Steppes, when Iskander is about to part ways with his people, Ilhan stops him, talking about how orc bravery and hobgoblin guile is an unstoppable combination and asks him to lead their people.

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