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Sun March


Aurenia is not ruled by the Great and General Council nor is judged by the Supreme Court, having their own parliament and court but ruled by the same prince. The nobility and university representatives are chosen the same way, but the ones of the bourgeoisie and the commoners are drawn from the representatives chosen by the conciliums, the open assembly of every town.   The major feudal lord of the March is the sun marchis who is a direct vassal of the Prince.


The biggest academy of all Umbria, being bigger than the one of Baneria.


Aurenia was a kingdom that survived the invasion of the Dawn Kingdom, pledging loyalty to the invading force and paying tributes in exchange of mantaining their cult and government. But after the inicial pact, the autonomy of the region was slowly decreasing over the time and the tributes got more and more expensive.   When the Umbria launched their attack to the south they saw this as an oportunity to scape their current situation, pledging loyalty to the Prince in exchange of liberating them of the Kingdom. Even being just a March on Umbria,they have more autonomy than they had under the Dawn Kingdom.

Demography and Population

Aurenia is mostly human, but has a 30% of its population of Elisian race.
Geopolitical, Marquisate
Alternative Names
Kingdom of Aurenia
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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