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Song of the Folk

The song of the folk is a traditional elvish tale told on all Ezeltaure, transmitted orally from one generation to the next. Ezeltaure has a written tradition of two millenia long, older than Tenesia and even the Medina Empire being dwarves of the underground the only nation who has an older written tradition. Despite that fact, the song only has few written copies, relying entirely on the ones who sing it to perpetuate.

The song is a long composition tells the foundation of the nation, that explains the origins of the nation. The tale starts singing about the three dragons that ruled the peninsula.
"Crimson terrors haunted our dear sky
Dramon, Askard, and Demeria were the names
Powerful enough to cover the sun
Prideful enough to claim everything as theirs "
And how the various races that now are part of the confederation suffered under their wings
" On their eyes everyone was equal
Elf, orc, goblin, ogre, and centaur
there was no difference between any of the folk
they were equally inferior to the mighty wyrms
pawns to be used, toys to be played with"
The next parts explain that no clan nor tribe was powerful enough to defeat the three dragons. Then a legendary figure, Gwillion the Diplomat, an elf lady of great charisma started convincing the tribes to fight alongside one another setting aside their differences and the different stories relating how each tribe joined them until they formed a force big enough to defeat the three dragons, making them retire to Onternia. After such combined effort, they decided to keep the bonds, forming a nation of free tribes. They stopped warring each other and become something more.
" And at last every tribe was free
but in their freedom they were united
their hearts beating at the same time
united under the same name and the same wish
it was the birth of a new folk"


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