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Silver Duchy

They are ruled by the Eryn family, being thir symbol a hawk. This duchy is close to the Land of Tears and the Steel Island, sufering lots of raid from the geltaid.


Imports: Spices, Steel, Wool, Mercenaries, Wine.   Exports: Silver, Fabrics, Art, Perfumes and other precious metals to a lesser extent.   Having lots of silver mines they are by far the richest duchy, but on the other hand they military force is lacking, probably having the weakest army. Thats why they rely on mercenary forces, to the point of even having a ducal guard formed by minotaurs.

Silver Edict

Because of the heavy reliance of mercenary forces, religious legislation on the Silver Duchy is very relaxed, granting freedom of cult to mercenaries. The intent of this Edict is to make sky pillar mercenaries like trolls or minotaurs easy to negotiate with.
Geopolitical, Duchy
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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