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Serpent Sea

The sea of ​​the serpent is a zone of conflicts. Named for its elongated shape it is a sea full of islands. Some of them are quite large, but thousands of them are really small. There are quite fertile islands, but much more are impracticable. Many are the nations that fight for the dominion of the islands, being from greater to lesser domain: the Umbria Principality , the Merchant Republics , the Dawn Kingdom , Alfra , Hyrum , the High Empire, and the Aquisgran Empire .   The dragon nation has no interest in them, except for some adventurers who want to find challenges in them, on the other hand Lidas is satisfied with the island that dominates and finally, the orcs of the steppes hate the sea.   Since it is the main commercial route and a source of resources, there's a lot of merchant ships, and with these come the corsairs and the pirates, often hidden in secret caves of seemingly inhospitable islands.   It is relevant to mention the Crimson Flags , an organization of great pirates who agree to protect each other if any nation gives them problems, because they know that one lonely pirate lord, no matter how powerful, is no match for the powerful armies of the kingdoms.  


There is a great mix of elisians , humans , elves , goblin, hobgoblins and dwarves in these seas, being the actual numbers quite variable. It is also not uncommon to see sahuagin or merfolk in pirate crews.   There is a variant of werebeasts unique to the islands, but few in number: the wereshark. It is unknown the relationship they may have with those of the Land of Tears , but probably their origin is also tied to the Savage Lands .

Natural Resources

Iron , Coal, Gold, Saphires are just some examples of what mineral resources can be found in the islands.


  • Black Island
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