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Serene Republic of Eol

"Beacon of Prosperity"

Eol is one of the most prominent cities of the Merchant Republics and the most oriental one, being close to Lidas.


Most of population is dwarven but come minorities can be found, like humans, elves, elisian and wererats.


The government of Eol is the model after the stereotipical Merchant Repubic is made. For that reason, it doesn't deviate an inch from the general system of the republics.


Eol has impresive defenses, with high walls reinforced with iron and a deep moat that surrounds it entirly. Also, the huge number of ships and incredible might of their admirals makes a sea siege almost impossible.


Alongside witha great manufacturing powress, the republic of Eol has a wonderful trade position. Few nations dare to cross the waters of Hyrum and the High Empire is not on the best terms with the realms who follow Uz Cult so most of such realms except Umbrian rely on Eol and other Merchant Republics for adquiring precious goods like the silk and vases of the Moon Empire.
Also Eol has numerous colonies across the Serpent Sea who makes it able to provide with gold, wine, slaves and emeralds. Most of such slaves are elven, human and elisians but they truly rejoice with merfolk slaves, greatly appreciated on Lidas.


Eol has the most powerful navy of the Republics, this along the growing banking of the city makes it the most prominent of the Merchant Republics.

Guilds and Factions

The three most powerful guilds and factions of the city are the following:

  • The House of Gold, the richest bank on the entire continent.
  • The Sea Company, a powerful family who has monopolized shipwrights in Eol
  • Barca Family, they started as an small smithing business, but nowadays they own a lot of diverse business on the entire city
  • Southern Enterprises, a family that holds a lot of colonies on the sea.
  • Sea Trade Company, the prime rival of Southern Enterprises
  • League of Trade, a prominent alliance between smaller patricians.
  • Type
    Location under
    Atlas Continent
    Owning Organization
    Merchant Republics

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    2 Jul, 2018 16:53

    Interesting that the Dwarves have such a powerful Navy. Nice removal from the norm for them.

    2 Jul, 2018 16:56

    Yup, while i not discarted the use of traditional races, i wanted to be original in some other aspect: cultural variation, feeling away from monocultural races. That means that both dwarves in elves have more than one culture, and of course, only one can be exactly like the stereotype (Because otherwise it woldn't be variation)

    2 Jul, 2018 17:01

    I'm curious; you mention slaves from colonies, right? What species are those slaves? I don't imagine they'd be dwarven!

    2 Jul, 2018 17:11

    Thank you, i added a little bit about that.

    2 Jul, 2018 17:41

    A nice simple article! Thank you, I like having a short read in between all the massive ones!   For a really nice visual, and to help improve the flow, have you thought about using --KEY::VALUE-- pairs in your Guilds and Factions section? Put the Guilds name in the KEY and a couple sentances of description in VALUE.   Ex:

    The House of Gold The richest bank on the entire continent.

    Who the hell does this guy think he is?
    PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
    2 Jul, 2018 17:56

    Thank you for the advice!

    2 Jul, 2018 18:05

    It's a nice little article you have here, I like the addition of wererats, they're not a common sight. Do they have a particular purpose in the city?

    2 Jul, 2018 18:23

    They are ambassators or merchant families from the Land of Tears, a realm of werebeast where the wererats are seen as inferior and relegated to "numbers and administration stuff" than their better don't want to bother with.