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Sazzar Cult


Sazzar Cult is represented by the symbol of fire, making great bonfires dor their ceremonies. The cult is a dualist one, light against darkness. Light is represented by the fire of Sazzar and darkness by Ahriman, wich some scholars identify with Angra.   Both beings exist in the heart of everyone and only by following the universal law, one can beat the darkness and only beating the darkness in every heart, Sazzar can win the eternal war. Free will is a core value, rejecting fate existance, one must not leave the eternal war in the hands of fate... one must ensure Sazzar victory over Ahriman.

Values of the universal law

  - Respect living beings   - Equality amongst every sapient being (Demons don't count, they are just an incarnated part of Ahriman)   - Ecology   - Hard Work   - Loyalty


Previously, Sand Sea Island elves religion, latter the high empire adopted it and made the official cult. Due to heresies comitted by the empire, elves were enraged and declared their independence.
Religious, Organised Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations
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