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Sanctuary Holy Land

Worship of Uz

Uz is a solar deity in a conception in which the world is an eternal battle between light and darkness. Probably, due to its similarity to the Sazzar cult there is a deep enmity between the two. The most important celebration of the Cult of Uz is The Birth of Uz, which coincides with the winter solstice in an allegorical way, since it is at that moment that the day begins to grow longer. He is represented as a young man with a radiant aura in a horse carriage. The values ​​he transmits are strength, courage, knowledge, purity and honesty. The cult of Uz bans witchcraft and necromancy, as well as pacts with demons, but not magic itself, although it does not see it with good eyes.   The symbols of the clergy are the phrygian cap and the rod . The priests must make a vow of chastity and celibacy, as well as abstain from eating meat. There is no limitation of gender in the clergy.   They believe in a spirituality where the soul is destined to be a prisoner of the flesh, reincarnating until their own sins are expiated and the darkness inside is banished.  

Whispers of Iblis-Dalyn

  The rock inside the main temple of Uz, sometimes whispers messages from Iblis tampered by Dalyn, inspiring the doctrine of Uz. Since the messages are mixed is not possible to know wich entity is giving wich message.


This land is ruled by the Cult of Uz spiritual leader, the Pater Helios, whn a Pater Helios dies or abdicates the new one is elected by the archbishops of the several regions of Aquisgran (5), Umbria (2), the Merchant Republics (1) and the Land of Tears (3). In turn, he chooses the archbishops among the bishops when those die or abdicate. The current law on the island is the religious law, being nobility place filled by the clergy.

Demography and Population

Mostly human


The plain folk speaks Silverian, but for lithurgy and adminsitration the official language is the old Imperial.
Religious, Primacy
Alternative Names
Holy House of the Sun
Permeated Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
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