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Ritual of the Goodbye

The Ilergan incinerate their dead and place them clay urns and the bury them at the barrows.


The first part of the ritual is the mourning. In the mourning each person who want to play their respects gets time alone in front of the deceased to say the last words. This moment is often taken to reconcile with them and forgive the feuds they had in life, or to thank them for everything they have done for them. Its a very solemn moment and not even the priesthood can be with the mourner.

After the mourning is over comes the purification rite in which everyone pray to Balen guided by a priestess of the god. They ask him to purify the sins of the fallen as they burn the body with an special oil so the spirit can reach the afterlife in peace, with nothing to be ashamed of.

Finally they place the ashes and a valued item into an urn. The value of the item is merely symbolic, so the dead can bring to the other world something it loved. A priestess of Betah prays to the godess,they ask the godess to guide the soul to the afterlife.

After the rite is done, the final step is to bury the urn inside the community barrow, so the dead can finally rest .

Components and tools

The main components of the rite are oil and a clay pot.


The rite is directed by the priestesses of the village. At least a priestess of Belan and one of Betah are needed. Its rare for a village to not have them, as they are two of the three most important gods but if its the case, they can ask neighbour villages for help in the rite.

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