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Port Calit


About half of the populations is human, the other hand being elisians.


Like the rest of the island, the city is ruled by the pairlament, that is renovated each years. The parliament is subject to the ban of more than half of the representatives leaving the city at the same time.


Except for the slums and the port area, Port Calit is surrounded by high walls that protect it from all the sides.

Industry & Trade

The city export cheese, salt, fish, wines and various liquors as well as olive oil.   They import iron, wheat and meat.


The city engulfs the port district, making it naturally divided in two parts: the east arm and the west arm, wich a higher class district at the center. It has a branch office of the Sea House of Baneria on the west side. At the east side the local academy can be found, called the Academy of the Islands.   In the central part, close to the sea, there is a huge cathedral wich mirror image can be seen at the sea and next to it, the palace of the marchise.

Guilds and Factions

Obviously, like all umbrian cities, artisan guilds are strong, specially in a producer city like Baneria. Every guild is composed by the craftmen whose activity legislates and fixes the prices, working hours of their trade and the payment of helpers and aprentices.


Port Calit was founded as Port Calef by the santuarian empire, using it as the main port of the island, to gather resources from it and to have a central base on tht region of the Serpent Sea. Later, after the fall of the empire and the raise of the Aquisgran Empire, was conquered by the Dawn Kingdom, who renamed it as Madeg.   When Princess Geraua I of Umbria conquered it renamed it with its current name, turning it into the capital of the new formed Oriental Marches. Since them has become a center of trade in all the Serpent Sea.


Most houses are made with sandstone, with inclined roofs designed to drive the water towards a channel to gather water from the rain to articifial wells. They are decorated with round glass windows.

Natural Resources

Close to a very fertile island has plenty of olive oil, high quality wines and plenty of fish and seafood.
Large city
40.000 inhabitants
Location under
Owning Organization

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