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Almost all population of the Black Island is entirely elisian.


Besides being the host of the Black Island pairlament it has is own municipal government, made up of citizens elected and random and directed by a major.


Phoenic has an external wall who surrounds its except for the port district and an internal one who divides on the north district, richer and the south district, poorer.

Industry & Trade

Is also a very fertile land, being the main exports grain, wood, oil, nuts, pork, cheese, hides, hemp and cloth.   Also has an steadily growing ceramic industry.


Its more representative building are the palace, the aqueduct, the amphiteather and the public baths. Another interesting place is the disctrict of the agora, where politics, philosphy and trade takes place.


Strategic position at the Serpent Sea trade routes.   Great seafarers

Guilds and Factions

Like all umbrian cities, artisan guilds are strong. Every guild is composed by the craftmen whose activity legislates and they fix the prices, working hours and the payment of helpers and aprentices.


Phoenic was the first city found when the nicarians settlers and was a city of great importance for the trade when the nicarians became vassals of the Santuary Empire.   When the Merchant Republics tried to invade it, at the star of the war for the black isle the city was attacked and sieged by the dwarves. Arnau II, father of the current princess, Arsenda III, was the one who broke the siege. When the war was over, Arkisbar III, father of Naitin of Nicaria, was crowned marchis of the new Black March on this very city.


Phoenic is a costal city close to a lake, with very fertile lands.

Natural Resources

Access to water and fertile land.
About 5000 inhabitants
Location under
Owning Organization

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