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Palace of the Dragon

This place is the home of the last golden dragon. What makes it impressive is the sheer size of the building, being a complex of more than a square kilometer. Despite its huge size, it has not many individual chambers, instead having equally large rooms.

Purpose / Function

The main purpouse is being it the residence of the Golden. Most of the chambers are private but it has one for meetings with the emperor and the priesthood, as well as any citizen or foreigner is requested by the dragon.

Unknown by the rest of the Moon Empire the largest of the chambers is where the dragon stores a huge army of thousands of clay golems with warrior shape. They are prepared to answer to the orders of the emperor and to fight Akuma when it returns.

The third purpose of the building is to watch for corruption sources using the Observatory. The Seal on the Diyu, the realm of Akuma, is growing weaker as the sickness advances and because of that, the breaches on it are getting more and more common. As soon as the dragon sees a potential breach he orders the priesthood to watch the place closely and to stop any demonic presence they find.


The Palace is a red building with golden roofs and several gold dragon themed decorations. Its made mostly of painted wood and is beautifully decorated with golden paintings.

The most impressive feature of the palace is the giant dragon statue at the center. The statue stands tall at 300 meters, holding a crystal ball at the top, in one of its claws. The ball is also called the Observatory.
Owning Organization

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