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Oriental Marches


The oriental marches, are not ruled by the Great and General Council nor is judged by the Supreme Court, having their own parliament and court but ruled by the same prince. Each island has their own parliament,composed of 12 members: 3 nobles, 3 magisters, 2 bourgeois, 2 craftmen and 2 pleabians.   The major feudal lord of the Marches is the oriental marchis who is a direct vassal of the Prince.


The marches export cheese, salt, fish, wines and various liquors as well as olive oil.   They import wheat and meat.


All of the islands of the oriental marches have passed by several ruling nations until Umbria conquered them all and repopulated most of them with aurenian settlers. The Princess Gueraua I founded a new March and give the title to her younger son, Adalbert I of the Islands.

Demography and Population

About half of the populations is human, the other hand being elisians.
Geopolitical, Marquisate
Alternative Names
Islands of the East
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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