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Onternian Protectorate

Also called North Tenesia or just Protectorate, these ezeltaurean villages have pledged loyalty to dagons. Slowly, the villages are turning into full fledged ornternian cities.   Fortunately, both cultures have similar values and structure. On the other hand, religion is the main conflict, as tenesians have poor respect for spiritism. Luckily, shamans tend to see dragons as extremelly powerful incarnated spirits. Tenesia try to modernize Ezeltaure but also preserve their essence, as they value ezeltaure beauty. Since lot of knowledge is flowing in both directions, Thorke clansmen have a great presence here.


At year 421 at Ezeltaure apeared a big fire elemental known as Elemental Lord, of the size of a mountain. After devastating big regions of the current Protectorate the news reached Onternia, at year 422. Erika leaded a powerfull atack to the creature, displaying such a power that local tribes decided to pledge loyalty to the Council.
Geopolitical, Free City
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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