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North March


The marchise of the north is the direct lord of the barons of their march, being in turn, vassal of the Prince.


The North March is the only territory of the realms that follow Uz that trades with Onternia. The family of the North dinasty managed to get on good terms with the dragon nation, having nice relationships with them.   The North March its an agrarian march, exporting linen, cotton, cheese, silk, hempen and wool. Also has acess to iron mines, tough less than the Iron March.


The iron march was founded when Berengar the first gave it to the first marchis: Bernart the Fire Sword, to rule it at give it in inheritance to his descendants.

Demography and Population

Most of its population is human.

Geopolitical, Marquisate
Alternative Names
North Baneria
Parent Organization
Umbria Principality
Umbria Peninsula
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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