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Also called the painted riders, the elite warrior class of this tribe of Ezeltaure uses griffins as steeds and paint their bodies with blue war paints. Its said that before the use of armor became common they went nude to war.

Their mounts are quite expensive to maintain, as they are carnivorous. Due to the highly advanced agricultural techniques an logistics of the Nasfel, they are able to sustain quite a sizeable noble class with their own griffin mounts. The rest of the society is composed of plain farmers and other workers. The successor of the chief is elected among the members of the ruling dynasty by the vote of the warrior class, more often than not, the elected one is a veteran and proven warrior already.

The Nasfel elves inhabit the lands of the east, close to the bogs, having little to no contact with the Protectorate and being quite a thorn to the side to invaders of the Clan of the Spider.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak Elven, as expected.

Shared customary codes and values

Nasfel are quite fond of feasts, its customary for the warriors to boast about their feats in them. They do not only value the greatness of the stories of their warriors but also how well told is the deed. The warrior who tells the most liked story has the privilege of choosing the first piece of the meal and eating it before anyone else.

Common Dress code

The Nasfel don't wear much clothing if not needed, they have no taboo on nudity, seeing clothes as a layer of protection against the elements. The clothes they wear are made of linen and the most prominent color is red, with green decorations.

In battle, the warrior class wears intricate armor in battle, the higher the quality, the better the status of the wearer. The quality of the armor is second only to the size and ferocity of their griffins when measuring prestige.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When a Nasfel dies, its buried in the bogs, left here to return to nature and become part of nature's cycle again.
Parent ethnicities

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