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Unlike other Tenesian states, there's an unified. His daughter, Isella, is also the Malik, the Queen of Queens.   That makes dragons able to be judged, but only by Suz'Rain at who every Molikedarian dragon pledges loyalty to.


Molikedar was born from the Suz Rain cults, born from the cultures from Santuary Empire, High Empire, Medinian Empire and finally Onteria, when Molikedar was founded and a sizeable population of Onteria moved to the south.
Social Classes There are manly four, the first two are equivalent and can be interchanged.   -Commoners (Vhiren): Merchants, artisants, farmers...   -Warriors (Caex): Guards and military. Every armed force.   -Nobility (Aryte): Assmars, and other dragonbloods, exceptionally some exceptional inidividuals can be given this status, but in that case is not heritable.   -Royalty (Maekrix): Kings and their descendants on three generations (including the third). The Malik counts as a king too.
Population All assmars are nobility and form most of it. The rest are mostly humans, having minorities like jins, elves and scorpionids.   Recently, the pureblooded son of Suz Rain, Evior, created a small gruop of artificial beings named The Iron Brigade with free will. They were granted citizenship like any other.
Geopolitical, Empire
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities
Food The more common crops in the coast are: wheat, oats, barley and pottatto. Onion, carrot, cabagge and other vegetables are also common. Molikedar has also a lot of fruit trees like oranges, mandarines, apples, pears, plumes, almonds and cherrys.   They don't raise much animals, but have few goats and chikens. Hunting is a little more popular, normally hunting buffallos.   They usually make beer and cider, but also a liquor made of pottato, that they latter add fruit flavor.

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